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  1. [Asus U36SD] - a few dsdt questions

    Thank you Babiloe and alianyn for your manuals, information and links! I've managed to install OS X 10.8 onto my U36SD-1A (i5-2410M, 8GB DDR3) within a few hours without a KP. I have now Windows 8 x64 and MacOS dual-boot with additional partitions of EFI (created by Windows) and Data on MBR hard drive. The only problem I've met was Chameleon related. I tried to install it a few times using setup package (v2.1.2069). However, I was getting "boot0: test, boot0: error" messages trying to boot from Mac partition. I've managed to fix it with OSX installer's Terminal and Chameleon i386 binaries using this manual. Almost everything is working now. Processor power management, graphics and displays, battery, input/output devices, audio, wireless and wired internet, card-reader. However, some minor problems still exists: - Webcam image is turned upside-down. In Windows it is fixed with ASUS-tuned driver. Is it required to install additional software like camtwist, or maybe a driver plist setting exists? - USB 3.0 seems to operate under v2.0 speed using 3.0 devices. Root USB High-Speed bus driven by AppleUSBEHCI.kext is shown to support up to 480 Mb/sec speed. I'm using WD My Passport. I use DSDT from this post (is that okay?), and PXHCD.kext (not sure, whether this is required). - Sleep generally works with "SleepEnabler Universal". However, sometimes mouse was too sleepy to get up on wakeup - Display attach-detach actions are sometimes strange. For instance, not turning on laptop LCD when HDMI plugged of. Will test it a bit more. Maybe, that's another after-sleep syndrome - Not tried Bluetooth. AzureWave's "Bluetooth USB Host Controller" exists in USB device tree. However, Bluetooth section of SystemInfo is empty, and no BT icons/controls. Haven't tried to turn it on from Windows and reboot yet. Nevertheless, I'm pretty happy with the result! I have tried Leo and Snow in the past, but with a lot more issues and less success.