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  1. mikem2

    Nvinject 9200M GS

    Thanks for the update. I have not had a chance recently to work on my machine. But last time I did, I tried to do the full rental OSX install. I used teh generic.iso image, burned it to a CD and booted off of it. I pressed the escape key and swapped dvd's and entered I think 'ef', what you mentioned in a earlier message, but it would just return back to the login screen. If I accepted the original default value, i think '9f' then I get the mac logo with the turning circle, but after about 5 seconds the computer reboots. Not sure what the deal it, but I am going to try with a different retail dvd and see if work any better. thanks
  2. mikem2

    Nvinject 9200M GS

    I had a little time over the weekend to work on it. But when I installed idebeb 1.4 and selected nvdarwin 256M I was able to get QE/CI working on the external monitor fine. i was happy, I than attempted to do your modification of the kext info.plist files add the IOPRObe amd setting the graphics card. But when I restarted it was still a black lcd screen. The only way to get the display was attaching a external monitor again. I than attempted to install boot-123 method. I d/led and burned the BOO-KABL-BUMY.iso file I booted that and 1. On the boot prompt, press Enter. You will be asked to enter a two-digit hexadecimal boot device (do not press any key). 2. Remove the BootCD and replace it with the Mac OS X Retail DVD. Wait for the blinking light on your DVD drive to stop and then hit Enter (this will read your DVD drive and not your HD). After that the computer would reboot. Do I need to clean out my partitions, because I currently have a XP and a ideneb OSX partition? my thoughts was to try to install the vanilla and than intall nvdarwin and see if I can get at least the qe/ci working on the external monitor.
  3. mikem2

    Nvinject 9200M GS

    Thanks for the detailed reply. To get 1280x800, Run Terminal (Applications --> Utilities --> Terminal) sudo nano /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist sudo causes the nano (text editor) command to run as an administrator / super user Add the following: <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1280x800x32</string> Slight update, last night I attempted to ugprade to 10.5.7 because I noticed they have updated graphics drivers and wanted to try that before I did a complete new install. Well it failed, and I am now forced to do a new install. Question about the boot-132 vanilla method, how does the sleep or restore work for you? Also thanks for the info on the wireless, I think that is the method I am going to go with, The actually card is a 1505 and the dell laptop was a 1530? I did not find any wlan on ebay for 1505.
  4. mikem2

    Nvinject 9200M GS

    I have the same laptop as you, the samsung x460. And running into the same issue. I have been able to get the QE/CI working on the EXTERNAL vga port ONLY. I did a clean install from iDeneb 10.5.6 and select nvdarwin 256M and voodoo kernel. After the install, it reboots and goes blank. if I turn off the computer and plug in the external monitor and turn it on, it displays only on the external. After playing around trying to get the internal screen working, I have somehow disabled the external qe/ci. So I am going to reinstall and get the external ce/qi working again, and than try what you suggested below and see if it works. Thanks for the tip. FYI, I set the boot.info graphics mode to 1280x800 to get the internal to 1280x800. Two questions, 1) I have only been able to get voodoo kernel working, honetly have spent most of my time working on the 9200M, have you gotten the vanilla kernel working? 2) I assume the wireless does not work for you?
  5. mikem2

    Laptop only works on external display

    Any word if anyone has gotten this to work? I have a similar X460 and running into the same problem.
  6. Is there anything special to get the 9200m working? I have a samsung but unable to get QE/CI fully working. I get a blank scree on the internal display unless I remove the NVDES(?).kest file.
  7. I have instlled ideneb 1.4 on my samsung. I got working: Webcam Ethernet Bluetooth I dont have wireless,but dont think I will be I installed nvdarwin 1.2.5 and got a resolution of 1280x800, but my QE does not seem to be enabled. I installed the EFI string in the boot string. Is there anything else I can do to enable QE? Thanks
  8. mikem2

    Smasung x460

    I have successful installed 1.5.6 of ideneb using the voodoo kernel. But when I restart it starts to boot and crashes. I rebooted with the -x -v -f and I get to the point that it displays: AppleUSBUHCI unable to initialize UIM Than it displays waiting for root device continuously But I am able to boot if I start with the DVD and type rd=disk0s1 Seems like the webcam is the only thing that works right now, I should be able to get the nvidia 9200s and audio working. iifc the wireless will never get working The Intel PM45 + ICH9M Express Chipset Mainboard is the motherboard I feel it has to do with the sata drive? Any ideas? thanks
  9. mikem2

    Video Issues

    I had the same issue, I did a reinstall, and made sure that the select the GMA 900 in the install menu selection. The same place you can select SSE2, SSE3, AMD, and 10.4.6 patches. I hope that helps, because it resolved it for me. Now I have full graphics support If you want to currently work, press F8 before it starts and I think enter -x for safe mode. At that point you should be able to atleast see the OS in a normal fashion. But it will not be as quick as the full normal bootup. -enjoy