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  1. [offtopic]Tii09, is your auto sleep and wake from keyboard/mouse working on your P5Q board? If so would you care to share your DSDT? [/offtopic]
  2. Sekhmet66

    [SOLVED] iCloud after 10.7.3

    Hi, here's what you need basically: 1. Proper smbios.plist for your hardware with a valid serial number (I generated one with Chameleon Wizard ) 2. Have an ethernet interface working and appearing in System Information as "en0" (it doesnt need to be actually connected to the internet). 3. If you have an additional WiFi card to connect to the internet, make sure its shows as "en1" in Sys. Info. 4. Have this in org.chameleon.Boot.plist: <key>EthernetBuiltIn</key> <string>Yes</string> Just follow the instructions on this post and make sure you don't miss any steps. Especially the part about shuffling the network devices to be ethernet as "en0", and WiFi as "en1" if you have two network interfaces. If you don't have a built-in or ethernet card, you'll need to get one, even if you wont be using it to connect to the internet. And if you don't have a WiFi and already use ethernet to connect, you don't have to do any device shuffling because ethernet should be already configured as "en0" (again, you can always check that on System Information). Hope that helps!
  3. Sekhmet66

    What network cards work?

    TP-Link WN951N (AR5416) works natively as Airport Extreme, only step required is turning it on via Network Assistant in network prefs.
  4. Sekhmet66

    Atheros Network Drivers

    Hi guys, just wanted to report that I got my AR5008X / AR5416 based card working on Leopard 10.5.8. I've read in a few places that this chipset is supposed to work OOB, and originally this card was detected as an AirPort Extreme (0x168C, 0x3071) but It was turned off and it just wouldn't turn on with the "Turn AirPort On" button in network prefs. Well it seems that the Network Setup Assistant is able to turn on the card just fine, just open the assistant and it will offer to turn on your card if it's off. I'm so glad I decided to try the assistant first because I was about to start trying a few things like installing kexts from 10.5.7 etc.
  5. Cool I already have the iDeneb 10.5.8 DVD, unfortunately I have zero experience with terminal commands so I wouldnt know where to start for instance, how do I get the kexts to the Snow Leopard installation I have that isn't booting? And once I get there, do I have to delete all kexts from '/Extra/Extensions' and '/System/Librabry/Extensions' and leave only the ones you listed, and what commands do I use for that? Would it make it easier if I just plug the hard disk with the non working Snow Leo installation to another mac I have, and copy the kexts manually using finder instead of terminal commands? Thanks for the help!
  6. Not very well I'm afraid... after installing successfully and booting with the MARS132 dvd again, it hangs with this message: IOAPIC: Version 0x20 Vectors 64:87 Any ideas what could be causing it? Thanks!
  7. Hey, thanks for replying! I finally resolved the issue by getting a SATA DVD drive and burning the image with ImgBurn at 4x on a blank DVD -R, everything under Windows XP. I was using an old RW disc, an even older IDE drive and using DiskUtility, so I guess that wasn't a good combination Anyway, I'm typing this while SL is being installed, so I'll report back once it's finished (crosses fingers!!) Thanks!
  8. Ya cree las dos particiones (MBR) copie el Snow Leopard y ejecute el Chameleon, pero en terminal ejecutando los comandos me da este error: bash-3.2# fdisk -e /dev/disk1 fdisk: could not open MBR file /usr/standalone/i386/boot0: No such file or directory Enter 'help' for information fdisk: 1> alguna idea que puede ser? Mis discos son los siguientes: /dev/disk0 #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: GUID_partition_scheme *149.1 Gi disk0 1: EFI 200.0 Mi disk0s1 2: Apple_HFS Macintosh HD 142.9 Gi disk0s2 3: Microsoft Basic Data 5.9 Gi disk0s3 /dev/disk1 #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: FDisk_partition_scheme *7.6 Gi disk1 1: Apple_HFS BOOTLOADER 190.8 Mi disk1s1 2: Apple_HFS Mac OS X Install DVD 7.4 Gi disk1s2
  9. guau! Excelente tutorial... muy claro para novatos y no deja nada al azar, felicitaciones!!!! Una pregunta, funcionara mi iPod nano de 8gb como pendrive? (ya intente realizar otros tutoriales con pendrive usando mi ipod pero nunca consegui bootear la PC, y nunca estuve seguro de si estaba haciendo algo mal, o si era porque estaba usando un iPod). Saludos!!
  10. Hi Ian I've burned the iso to a DVD-RW, but the PC fails to boot, reboots itself and gets stuck in a boot loop. It doesn't get to the installation, and I can't read the error message because it flashes so quickly, but it says something like 'Failed to boot' and something more. Edit: I had to capture a small video to read the error, it says: ISOLINUX 3.02 2009-06-09 ETCD isolinux: Image checksum error, sorry. Boot failed: press a key to retry. My mobo is a P5Q-C and I'm using an IDE DVD drive connected to the Marvell IDE controller (BIOS already flashed with the proper BIOS from Juzzi, and configured with all the settings from your guide, except for the Marvell controller which I can't disable). What could be the cause of this error? Also, I wanted to thank you because the work you've done in the PDF documents is absolutely brilliant, one of the best guides around! Cheers!