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    Myhack error

    I think he already has Snow Leopard installed in VirtualBox. He is trying to use that OS X instance to run the tools to create a USB installer. This is should work, I have done it.
  2. UPDATE: I managed to get Chameleon and Clover launching on my system. From another Hackintosh, I did the whole InstallESD.dmg procedure to a internal SATA drive, installed Chamelon then plugged in the SATA drive into my Asus Q87M-E based system. I booted into GRUB2 from my main drive and had GRUB2 boot Chameleon by doing this (grub is in hd0, chameleon hd1): c (to enter GRUB command line) set root=(hd1) chainloader +1 boot It's weird that my BIOS can't boot Chameleon but GRUB has no problem. Now the computer keeps rebooting when it reaches the 'Starting Darwin x86_64' line (even with -x -v GraphicsEnabler=no ACPI=no) but I still haven't tried everything yet. I haven't tried extracting and editing my DSDT, doing that BIOS patch thing, etc.
  3. I tried using the Clover bootloader and I get the exact same result.
  4. newtonian

    Introduce yourself.

    I'm Newtonian but you can call me Newt. I write code for a living. I've been through plenty of operating systems/computers in my life. I currently mostly use Debian GNU/Linux with some Mac OS X on the side.
  5. I tried making a USB Installer for Mavericks DP1, I prepared a GUID'd 16GB USB key with the Mavericks Installation base and installed Chameleon 2.2 svn r2262 on it. I tried booting it on the following machine: Core i7 4770 (not 4770K) Asus Q87M-E motherboard (Intel Q87 chipset) 32GB RAM GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1024 MB BIOS/UEFI settings: disable iGPU, CPU State C, disable Vd-m, disable Vt-x, SATA AHCI mode, USB storate auto mode (also tried force HDD and force CD-ROM), Boot device USB in legacy BIOS mode (also tried UEFI mode). When it tried to boot off my USB key, I get a text cursor '_' in the upper left conner of the screen, the cursor drops to one line bellow, then it goes closer to the middle of the screen, then it disappears and nothing happens. I never even reach the bootloader's text menu. I also create an Mavericks installer on a SATA hard drive, put Chameleon on it and tried boot it from an internal SATA controller. Same result. I know the USB key is properly made since I tested it on my Core 2 Duo system and it boots fine. Could it be a compatibility problem between Chameleon and my motherboard or chipset? All the other posts I see for Haswell systems seem to be based on the Z87 chipset. I am planning on trying with RevoBoot. I also heard you can use GRUB2 to load the OS X kernel directly? If any one else with a Q87 system out there can try Chameleon, your results would be appreciated. As would any solution to my problem.
  6. newtonian

    Transporter Tycoon Deluxe for mac

    This not an official port of the game. It's a pretty interesting story how OpenTTD got developed: its author spent two years painstakingly reverse engineering (using IDA pro) the original game so that he could re-create an executable that would work with the original data files. Then other people created new data files from scratch that remain compatible with his engine so as to have a completely free clone of the original game.
  7. newtonian

    browse leo partition on Vista?

    Try MacDrive: http://www.mediafour.com/products/macdrive/