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  1. I got this working (OSX installed on single drive then have an array for storage) but all 5 drives in the array show up individually... the array doesnt show up
  2. EP45-UD3P Raid

    ok... so I got all 5 drives to show up in OSX but the RAID doesnt show up... all the drives are coming up individually. I dont want to have OSX do the RAID because I dont want a software raid when I have hardware
  3. EP45-UD3P Raid

    Ok.. so I have the UD3P mobo and other hardware as described on lifehacker. I have OSX installed and running perfectly fine (typing this from OSX). There are 2 SATA controllers on this mobo... a 2 porter and a 6 porter (ICH10R). I have 5 drives setup on the 6 porter in a single 2.3TB array. I partitioned that array in windows 7 as a GUID. the 2 porter has 1 drive on it in AHCI mode (the drive I have OSX installed on). the array is just for storage and I never want to boot from it. The problem is it doesnt show up in SL. any idea how I can get this array to show up and be usable in SL?
  4. title says it all... included Snow Leopard, iWork '09 and iLife '09 It has never been opened. I'll get pictures up if anyone is interested. $135 shipped. I take paypal. checkout 'jasprofessional' on ebay for 100% feedback rating.
  5. what version of OSX did you install? I did snow leopard. got the same issue with 2 different driver packages
  6. I am having the exact same problem. I got the network card working then I installed the video driver (9f23installer.pkg) restarted the computer. then it asked me to login... I type my password, it says "logging in" screen goes all blue for about 4 seconds with cursor on the screen then goes right back to the login screen. it accepts the password but it doesnt ever finish logging in. very odd.