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    Vanilla Install on MSI Wind

    1. How? 2. Is this relevant to me? At the moment I ONLY have SL on the computer. I boot the computer, the OS automatically sets the time, and then when I reboot it gives me the error. Edit: Actually, it gives me the error after I shut down the machine and turn it back on.
  2. kingwaffle

    Vanilla Install on MSI Wind

    I guess the lack of a reply to my problem means it's not common
  3. kingwaffle

    Vanilla Install on MSI Wind

    Might as well add a post to this thread...I followed the instructions to a peg and I have two quick questions: 1. Can I install Windows 7 AFTER I've already installed SL? I followed seven18's instructions and have it EFI booting with Chameleon. 2. If I let SL set the date/time automatically, when I reboot I get the "Hold the power button to turn off your mac" error message. I have to go into BIOS and roll the time back 4 hours, and then it works fine. It never used to do this, but I recently installed a Dell Wireless Card (1510) in my Wind and ever since then it's been more and more picky about booting. If I roll the time back four hours it works 100% of the time. It's annoying, since I look up to see what time it is and it says 11:14am, instead of 3:14pm.