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  1. Samsung Series 9

    The Series 9 start shipping any thoughts on if its possible to run SL on it?
  2. Leopard on Asus eeePC 1000HGo

    any news, I just orderd one, but my wife insits of using osx. so it would be nice to have an update on the state of readyness for osx. worst thing that could happen, that I send back the go and get an normal 1000h
  3. How to: Hercules Deluxe Optical Glass 1.3MP

    funktioniert auch alles, inkl micro?
  4. hi, my nforce4 board with an x1600 worked out of the box with a jas 10.4.8. dvd. however trough audio works as expected in the system profiler "no integrated audio" is found. ive tried last.fm but it quit after a "no soundcard" message.
  5. ive got the same problem (1st screenshot), however i had a perfectly running system, then all of a sudden it froze (after installing an printer driver, however not immediatly, so ive got no idea if it interfered) and then i had to remove all other discs to even get the computer to boot. back up and running. (removing the harddrives changed the disk numbering, so boot failed)
  6. very very strange, it works fine when attached to the hackintosh in the usb enclosure, however if connected directly to ide, it is shown as not paritioned. very strange edit: it doesnt matter if i choose mbr or mac partition scheme
  7. well that was the solution. just connecting to the macbook and 10s after it worked. both on hackintosh and macbook
  8. hi there, do i assume correctly that my problem is the hackintosh, cause the bios only reads the mbr of the disk witch protects the disc from beeing altered? ill try to put the disk in a usb case and reformat it with my macbook (powerbook should also work since 10.4.6)
  9. Ive installed a new hitachi 250gb hd into my well running amd system. then i tried to partition the hd (1 partition, hfs+ journaled, guid). after the sucess message ive tried to mount the partition however no chance. so ive tried to delete it with disk utitlity but since than, disk utility always hangs on creating partition table. windows drive management recognizes it as gpd-protected. techtoolspro finds 4 defect sectors and exits with an error at the end of disk checking. i simply dont know what to do to else toreformat the drive and use it.
  10. ive got the same problem. im looking for a pci card to add 4 sata ports cause i want to add massive storage to my osx86 used as server. no need to boot from the drives. its enought that i use the hdds attached with sata.
  11. I want to built a cheap, silent, power-saving box working with mac osx server. only problem is that cheap and silent/powersaving arent easy to get in one. mobile cpus arent good, not by the price of the cpu itself, however by the price of the motherboards ist about 100e above desktop level. intel desktop cpus have 70-80w tdp, amd 60-80w, but with q'c amd would be better? does anyone has clues about the power consumtion of both celeron and sempron with a lot of idle?
  12. osx server 10.4.7 combo update

    well well, i never loose the hope, however after having a quick look into the filelist of the torrent and considering the fact that 10.4.7 is the first intel release of osx server....
  13. osx server 10.4.7 combo update

    ive found on thepiratebay a torrent with the following title "Tiger server upgrade packaged TESTED ON OSX86", unfortunately im not able to install ist, because ive only got 10.4.6 dvds. would someone try if this works?
  14. OSX86 server 10.4.6?

    has anybody this method yet tried with an hacked osx?