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  1. Kakewalk 4: Makes installing Lion a breeze

    Kakewalk 4.1.1 released with support for 10.7.2, iCloud and FaceTime! Visit kakewalk.se
  2. Kakewalk 4: Makes installing Lion a breeze

    Kakewalk 4.1 is out! More info: http://www.kakewalk.se/2011/09/16/kakewalk-4-1/
  3. Kakewalk 4: Makes installing Lion a breeze

    You can do a fresh install of Lion with the USB stick you created.
  4. Kakewalk 4.0 Released!

    You're absolutely right A small typo!
  5. Kakewalk 4: Makes installing Lion a breeze

    Yes, this works fine. Set GraphicsEnabler to Yes and hopefully it will work.
  6. Sure, I would be happy to help out. I'm all for making it easier for the users to install OS X. Which IRC channel and server? irc.osx86.hu?
  7. Credits posted on the download page @ kakewalk.se. Credits.txt will now also be supplied with every Kakewalk download. I appreciate all the hard work and the time that people of this community has spent on developing software like the Chameleon bootloader. Without them, Kakewalk would not be possible. I'm sorry if it came across as if I invented all of the software used in Kakewalk. That was not the intention at all.
  8. Nope, I'm afraid you're full of it I've spent the past two weeks coding it in Python. It's just coincidence that we have similiar solutions to the problem. The binaries don't even compare. Also, Kakewalk has been out for quite a while. This is not the first release. See the date of the first post. I'm afraid that you're the one making a fool of yourself with your threats and such. But, you probably don't realize that. No, my release coincides with Lion as it's a major release and I've obviously been preparing for it. Sure, I'll give credit where it's due.
  9. You're joking right? I haven't claimed to be the author of every single component that makes Kakewalk. The thing I try to do is to make it all accessible and easier to install. To be honest I don't earn much at all from donations and they don't even cover the costs that I have with my website. So, what do I use in Kakewalk: Chameleon Multiple kexts (FakeSMC, JMicronATA, ALC8xxHDA, and a few more) Granted I haven't given credit to the people that have made the mentioned software. And really I should have. The rest is my own doing. I've spent the past two weeks coding Kakewalk 4 in python and making sure that everything works.
  10. Kakewalk 4: Makes installing Lion a breeze

    Either should work fine The application accepts .dmg files and Install Mac OS X Lion.app Thanks for the support everyone!
  11. Kakewalk is a simple method for installing Lion on a PC. If you're happy with my work please consider donating Thanks a lot! Removed Compatible motherboards: You'll find a list of compatible motherboards here. Visit Kakewalk.se Visit kakewalk.se to get more information on how to install Lion on your PC using Kakewalk.
  12. You'll find a link on my twitter.
  13. more to come next month! http://cl.ly/2h0t1x163O0u332Z0U1F
  14. Will be up in a few hours. Had some issues with the webhosting provider. On a different note, Kakewalk will be updated to support Lion by the time it arrives in the app store. More to come!
  15. trwooley, 1. The USB method will be out in a few days. It will be as easy as the older Kakewalk versions. 2. I'm afraid I have no experience at all with firewire and sadly I don't have any devices. I do think the onboard firewire should work though. 3. I have a Corsair H50 cooler and the processor is idling at about 35C and under load 45-50C. It can probably go higher than this but I'm not that into overclocking. 4. The Radeon HD5750 should work but it would require some hacking. I would go with a Nvidia card instead of an ATI one. 5. The P55-USB3 motherboard supports speeds up to 2200 MHz. Yes, the BIOS will figure out the speed for you. 6. The reason for upgrading to 10.6.5 is that some of the files that Kakewalk installs requires 10.6.5. Regards, mrjanek