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    CPU halted - System turns off

    ok got it working now. i had to set maxmem=4096. How can i use my full 8gb ram without getting CPU Halted?
  2. Aqua92

    CPU halted - System turns off

    Getting "Can't initialize disk cache"
  3. Hey! i just installed a fresh vanilla OS X 10.6.0 using a simple Cameleon Loader to launch the CD. Well, everytime i try to boot in my new SL drive, i get "CPU Halted" then the system turns off immediatly. (Verbosity mode) I am able to launch single user mode (-s), but when trying to access a graphical interface, the system shuts down. The System is completly untouched, yet. I guess i'm missing some kind of kernel. Well, here comes the next problem: I can't mount my flash drives. I'm getting all the time (when using mount commands) "/System/Library/Extensions/<mount>.kext failed to load - unknown error code: check the system/kernel logs for errors or try kextutil" Also when trying to touch a file, i get "this device is read only" System specs: Modell: Dell Latitude e6420 Intel® CoreTM i7 2620M (2.7 GHz/4 MB Cache) 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 (2x2GB) 125gb SSD Mobile Intel® QM67 Express-Chip Any Suggestions?
  4. Hey Guys, i have a little Problem which is freaking me out. I have no Idea left how to fix: 2 Month ago, i installed Ubuntu 10.4 on a seccond Parition on my Macbook Pro. Yeah it was awesome but i {censored}ed it up. So i had to remove it. After deleting all the files and merging the Partitions together, i restarted. rEFIt showed up like ever but my Linux Boot Icon was still there. When clicking on it, i see a black screen which says "GRUB Recover>" or something like that. I think the Grub Loader from my Linux Partition is still there. Does anyone know how to fix it? Aqua
  5. At Least an answer! Thanks. I didn't know that the snow magic thing was ONLY for the shown hardware. Do you know other Tutorials who will work (on my hardware)?
  6. Tried now without Booting from USB thumb, installing directly on my seccond partition Same error. I guess its that snow magic thing Does anyone know tutorials for upgrading to snow leopard? Other than lifehacker ones? Easy ones?
  7. Bump ~ 180 views and no ideas?
  8. i found some infos form a older post. dont know if they help My Hardware: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Acer EGS1M Motherboard Chipset: Intel PS35/G33/G31 3 GB DDR2 RAM ATAPI DVD W DH16W1P ATA Device HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDRH20N ATA Device HDD: ST3750840AS ATA Device Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 3850 (RV670) PCI
  9. cant list my hardware cause i dont know how to see them in os x But i dont think that its a hardware problem. I installed My actual Version without any Problems.
  10. Hey all, I have a Problem =( Yesterday i followed the guide on ilifehacker to install snow leopard without hacking but i failed. I am currenty running a Hackintosh with Leopard. I installed it with iatkos without any problems (after flashing my bios) Now i tried to install Snow Leopard. I folled the guide to the end. Backed up my USB Stick with the Snow Leopard Image and did the Snow Magic think. But now, when i try to boot from this stick, Darwin loads up and then i get the following error: panic(cpu caller 0xFFFFFF80002bfb6f) should have 2 threads but only found 3 for die 1"@/sourcecode/xnu/xnu- Whats my Problem? Hope you can help Aqua