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  1. hey quick question i looked around and have found nothing on how to put my hard drive icons into my doc "for a cleaner look" idk if possible or not so any help would be most appreciated.
  2. hey so i have SL up and runing on my hackintosh but now i need to sell my extra drives i was wondering is there any programs out there that will let me wipe a ntfs drive in SL?
  3. hey im using this stuff and the ethernet card will not work and ive tryed 2 different cards that both are sopouse to work first the exact one from the LH guide and then the intellinet 8169
  4. What network cards work?

    well i knoe for a fact that the car that was listed in the LH tut does not work since i think ive tried every thing possible, so im going to pick this up in a little bit form my local microcenter here she is. http://microcenter.com/single_product_resu...duct_id=0305503 it states its mac compatible but i knoe better then to expect results over night with this now anyone knoe if it works
  5. Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    i downloaded the "Apple RTL8169Ethernet.kext" and placed it in library/extentions and theres no results from my nic can anyone please just throw a hint my way im using the gigabyte ud3p
  6. I got the nic in the LH tut, after i had installed snowleopard on a machine with the exact same specs as the one in the guide but when i go to boot up with the card pluged in it crashes and says "turn off computer and then turn back on" ive been looking for a way to fix this and since im now sooo far down the rabbit hole i must go further and complete this any words of wisdom are very welcomed.
  7. wow on this late ^ but anyone here have any problems with the nic "10/ 100/ 1000/ 2000Mbps PCI Copper Gigabit Network Adapter" i got it at microcenter today and installed it, but this was after i had installed SL is there anyway i can install now or should i just install of my thumdrive again with the card already in?
  8. well everything but the sound and internet work, and im not 100% sure on how to get them to work i have another nic laying around but is there certain ones that will work out the box or is every option gonna involve tinkering "which i dont mind since im already up this early" any suggestion or comments to point me in the right direction would be amazing
  9. ahhhh that makes sense so just run "magic" like i did for the thumb drive on the HD. Awesomebut whats with the sound and Inet probs i would look around but im doing this in class with my phone. good luck to everyone else
  10. everythings is fine i still need the usb stick to boot into the os is there a way to fix this? also why would the lifehacker tut say to turn off your lan's? I figd thisis why there no internet.... but there must be a good reason for it... if anyones knows please let me know so i can do this correctly other than that it works like a charm! Audio*