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  1. Hello Joedr, The fix was a replacment card, the one i had was a duff!!, did you get the card of ebay??, thats where mine was from!!, When my replacment arrived and i installed it, it worked as it should of first time. sorry if no good for you m8. regards.
  2. Guide to install mac os x on acer aspire one d250

    Hello Willy!!, You may find it easier to use Netbook installer, and check the supported devices section for a more stable Snow leopard install. Plus so much easier!!. Check it out all!!!!!
  3. Guide to install mac os x on acer aspire one d250

    It's me again!!, As promised a wright up!!, I found using Ideneb 1.6 was MUCH, MUCH better!!, Install as the others said, well i used the USB HDD methord, **USB HDD Methord** 1, Get ideneb 1.6.iso. Open it with disk util, and make a new image nameing it same as the ideneb 1.6 file name, but making sure you save it with the extension .dmg 2, Mount the new Ideneb 1.6.dmg and restore to a GUID partitioned hard drive. As long as its 7GB> your all good. 3, After a restore find and use a bootloader of your choice, i used Chameleon 2 RC1 + boot 10.1 as it just works!. 4, Then boot from the USB HDD and continue the install. *****Install Customize options to select***** _(x) iDeneb Main System _(-) iDeneb OS X Components 10.5.8 Ready __(-) Bootloader ___(x) Chameleon 2 __(-) Kernel ___(x) 9.8.0 Kernel Qoopz Or Vanilla Up 2 you really!! __(-) iDeneb x86 Essential Patches ___(x) AppleDecrypt ___(x) Disabler ___(x) DSDT Patcher ___(x) TimeMachine fix ___(x) OpenHaltRestart ___(-) PS/2 Drivers ____(x) VoodooPS2 Trackpad ___(x) AboutThisMac fix ___(x) SystemProfiler fix __(-) Fix ___(x) CPUS=1_Fix (I'll show you how to remove this later to get hyperthreading to work, but let's check it for now) __(-) Drivers ___(-) Audio ____(x) AppleAzillaAudio ___(-) Chipset ____(x) ICHx ___(-) System Management ____(x) SpeedStep ____(x) VoodooBatteryManager ___(-) Video ____(-) Intel _____(x) GMA950 - Up 2 you again never worked on my config, but i do know their is a GMA950.pkg floating around that works as i have used it before on this Forum someware. **EDIT** GMA950 works with framebuffer.kext installed. _(x) Cleanup If you still have the aethros card installed you will get KP's Hal status 13. After the install the AAOD250 will reboot, and you will be greated with the intro music, But alas no WIFI/LAN or sleep/Hibernation. I did swap my wifi card for a DW 1510 Supposed to work OOTB, but its not, wether is an acer restrict thing i don't know??. Anyway hope it all helps :-D Rich.
  4. Hello all, I'm' hopeing for a little help!!...... I bought the DW 1510 (BCM94322HM8L) for Leopard (Ideneb 1.6), which is supposed to work OOTB, but alas it dose not!!... I have tried the card in both pci express slots in conjunction with both wifi cards in (atheores 5007EG), But after all the installs and kext configurations, still no go, Even in windows 7/xp, ubuntu and a few other flavors of OS nothing. I have tried the pin 20 tape mod, but still nothing. The closest i have been was in windows, with the official DW 1510 driver from Dell. in windows 7 and xp. I had both cards in the DW 1510 being on the second pice not the main. I installed the drivers and it showed up i was able to connect then USE the internet, but after A reboot All back to non working, in device manager the card shows as Dell wireless 1510 wireless-n card. But has error code 10: Device could not be started. Which i think links to the Pcie config on a fresh boot. not sure. While in windows i had a few other successful boots with working DW 1510, by switching the switch on and off untill windows desktop was loaded, but this was really hit and miss, again only with the atheroes card in. Dose anyone else have a D250 with a different WIFI internal card that works?? Oh and with ideneb 1.6 i could use vanilla kernal no probs!! but for compatibilty i used mainly Qoopz kernel or VooDoo kernel 9.5.. Any info a GREAT help!! Kind regards, Rich
  5. Guide to install mac os x on acer aspire one d250

    Yes i too had a VERY slow OS, I'm using the AAOD250-0Bb with win 7 atm, had a go at it, but it was too slow to be usable for me. But i did not look into making a dsdt for this netbook, so will have another go some time and post results. regards.
  6. Hello , I have successfully installed mac on my pc (Snow leopard), via USB and using leopard on HDD, By far the easiest and most reliable methord is the USB stick methord, for speed and results. It will only cost you a few quid for a USB stick so go for it, to install leopard, use iDeneb 1.3 install disk on a seprate partition or even an exteral hard drive. Kind regards, Rich.
  7. I have the same board, And its working great on mine :-), But i used the USB install methord as it seems nice and solid, look it up may help!, Rich
  8. (GUIDE) P5KPL-AM Install guide, Near perfect!

    Well as my GUIDE says, USE USB stick flash drive, much easier. Your onboard VGA won't work you will need a compatible video card first, check out the osx86 wiki for compatible cards. Your IDE DVD may be ok, but it is better to have the SATA DVD drive instead. I doub't you motherboard is fake.. Rich.
  9. (GUIDE) P5KPL-AM Install guide, Near perfect!

    Did you use chameleon boot loader?? with EFi string for your graphics card in the com.apple.boot.plist???, Have a good read through the forums the answers are their, you just need to search for them! :-) Also a detailed description of what you actually did would help a lot!. Rich,
  10. (GUIDE) P5KPL-AM Install guide, Near perfect!

    Hiya Mrm43, No worries the pleasure is all mine, all i wanted was to help others in my situation. And now i am, Thanks all, And a big thanks to the insainlymac site and its community. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!. regards, Rich.
  11. (GUIDE) P5KPL-AM Install guide, Near perfect!

    Hi raul, In my guide you dont need these two .kext files, and sleep works plus everything else including keyboard, i suggest you take out those two kexts, and use a different keyboard, as i cannot help with what i haven't tested yet. Aslo search "How to edit PlatformUUID" in the search, thats how i found it!!, Try things for your self first then ask for help when it is near impossible to do, you will get much better support from everyone if they can see you have tried your dam hardest befor giving up!> Cheers.
  12. Hello All, I just thought you all might like to know, I just bought a CHEEP webcam from PC World the Microsoft Lifecam VX-800 @ £14.99, Then installed the iUSBcam2.2.5dmg floating about the internet, And guess what it works FULLY, Pic not the best in the world, but still very good for £14.99 and it records sound with the built in mic. Kind regards, Rich.
  13. (GUIDE) P5KPL-AM Install guide, Near perfect!

    Hiya, Only use USB keyboard and mouse. Not PS/2. Also check that legacy USB is on in the bios settings. Safe, Rich.
  14. The Sims 3 on Hackintosh

    I read this thread the other day, and decide to install the sims 3, installed it, and it works fine, even got the nude patch on the go :-), Why dont you do a step by step of how you guys with problems are installing and running it, that might help us to figure out what is wrong. Regards, Rich
  15. Hello M8, I seem to have a semi working sleep, i click sleep the comp turn complety off, i move the mouse, it wakes up and is back to desktop in no time, without out a post boot or load up to the OS, just goes straight in where i left off. Im surprised as the comp it totally off, no lights nothing just dead, but is still kept in RAM, Nice :-) FYI im on the F8 bios G31M-ES2L, Q6600, 8600GT, 4GB DDR2 corsair ram, aluminium keyboard (Apple), crappy sata harddrive, Sata DVD drive. Any more details just ask..