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  1. Has anyone figured out how resolution independence is used in leopard?
  2. Build 9a527

    Does anyone know how this build runs on the Santa Rosa Macbook Pros? The last few releases have all been terrible.
  3. OSx86 Jas 10.4.8 boot problem

    Yeah I think you're having the same problem as I had. The disk utility is bad in the 10.4.8 DVD. I used the 10.4.7 DVD I downloaded a while back to partition my Hard Drive, then used the 4.8 DVD to install onto that partition. Otherwise you need to get the Jas PPF patch, but I can't even find where to do that.
  4. Kernel Panic (pics included)!

    I have the same kernel panic as the the first guy. Is there anything I can do? Help. PLEASE
  5. Macbook - Counter-Strike Question

    Thanks guys. I guess I meant crossover, not parallels. Can anyone tell me the actual framerates they get on CS using either bootcamp or crossover?
  6. I have an iBook G4. 512mb ram, 1.3 gHz. Is now a good time to upgrade to a C2D macbook with 2Gig ram? I'm afraid that apple will come out with something better in the near future. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  7. I'm thinking about buying a new macbook. Can someone who has one already tell me how well counter-strike 1.6/condition zero run? (in either bootcamp or parallels) I know the intel gma 950 sucks for new games, but if i can run good old counter-strike with good frame rate (+80?) Then I'll be happy. Thanks.
  8. iChat 4

    why does everyone hate brushed metal so much? I think the solid metal like in itunes is more ugly. I want everything to be more SHINY!
  9. iChat 4

    Ah well I found in preferences where you can set all chats to be in the same windown and use tabs. Still not happy about the voice not working...
  10. iChat 4

    So I'm a huge fan of iChat. I was pretty excited to get the leopard version. I have noticed some threads about the backdrop stuff not working in video chat, but I don't mind much because I don't even have a camera. Does tabbed chat work? I haven't gotten to work. I noticed that I can no longer make ichat speak when friends sign on. I kind of miss brushed metal, does anyone else?
  11. Leopard Installation Method

    Toast and windows xp are not friends Please someone help?
  12. Leopard Installation Method

    ok so i took out xcode using carbon cloner, then i converted the dmg to iso, but it was not a bootable? f*** i don't know... what program are you using to burn things baby? I am burning using xp..