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  1. Hey! i'm useing the p5n-e mobo aswell and i hear your bios version makes a bit of a difference so Caminoz which Bios Version are you useing?
  2. well babs i tried editing it in windows it worked video's ran but QE/CI was disabled once i repaired the disk QE/CI was enabled but no videos again, would you be able to post your kext?
  3. Edit it how?!? its already been done in apple to run QE/CI what am i supose to edit in notepad?!?
  4. Hey, First off i would like to say i have Installed Leopard on my Inspron 6400 installation went smooth and great useing the TOH dvd, like most of you know the Dual Core Capabilities just screwes up so one core is disabled used the patched AtiRadionx1000.kext so quatz is turned on with a resolution running at 1400x1050 manualy entered at the com.apple.boot.plist, sound has been patched and running thanks to the Taruga patch, Wireless and bluetooth runs on its own the only main concern is that within 10.4.9 and 10.4.10 was that the screen saver and videos everything would run fine after the video has been patched just with Leopard it doesn't seem ot wanna work, after patching can't view pictues with Preview or run any videos, so i dunno if anyone else is having this problem or if there is a way to fix it up.... and yea srry for the spelling i know my spelling sucks.
  5. Sites for Customizing OS X

    That is a very good question that i too would like the answer to if anyone is interested in telling us please?
  6. D-Link DWL-G510 Wireless PCI help!

    thanks and i did what you said but it still wont work ...i could be doing something wrong can you copy and past the code or something for me?
  7. D-Link DWL-G510 Wireless PCI help!

    hi i've been having the same problem aswell and i was able to edit the file but it wouldn't let me save it...is it something that i'm doing wrong? can someone please help me?