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  1. updated, all is good, no repatching done
  2. cool!, btw, what graphics card do you have? I have a sapphire 4870...
  3. Hi guys, I ran software update tonight and there was this update called "Snow Leopard Graphics Update". Anyone tried it or anyone knows if it's safe to update?
  4. checkout netkas.org as well, I believe he has patcher for 4870x2
  5. I have GraphicsEnabler = Y and those 3 kexts and that's about it (gfx card is sapphire 4870), I get full res with QE/CI
  6. Need help ;( updated using combo update, rebooted, monitor went into power saving mode. Booted from 10.6.3 install, copied ATIFrambuffer, ATISupport and ATI4800Controller kexts and rebooted into and got garbage screen. Anyone had this issue? Is there anything I missed? Thanks, dickoy Hmmm, it's working now just ran diskutil and fixed permissions, did the trick dgobe's audio patcher worked like a charm as well.. thnx guys
  7. ey st3p, can you give me more info about this onboard audio issue? I haven't upgraded yet and my audio seems to be working just fine (on P6T Deluxe V2) Thanks, dickoy
  8. can you try installing Hardware Monitor, I get good temp readings from this
  9. I have the same issue, but If I use Hardware Monitor, I get good temp readings as compared to iStat there was a mention of this issue in netkas.org related to 10.6.3 upgrade and 9800 vid cards
  10. This is now resolved. replaced ATI related kexts int S/L/E with 10.6.2 version
  11. Hi iFabio/dgobe, Everything was working fine before I upgraded my 2nd install (this is my test install, using your DSDT 3.1.4). I also have a ATI 4870 and after ungrading to 10.6.3, system could not get into Mac OS desktop, the screen/monitor seems to go to sleep but the cpu/motherboard is still running. I guess I have to get a copy of those mentioned kexts and try again tonight. Thanks, dickoy
  12. it sure will just follow the steps (you got asus p6t deluxe v2 right?)
  13. By the way, I formatted the 10.6.2 and restored my saved 10.6.1 installation and everything worked great again, my sound comes back up after sleep and my benchmark scores are again where they should be
  14. I'm not quite sure what driver you're referring to, but a few weeks ago, I had a GTX 260 and it ran fine using netkas PC EFI Graphics Enabler. I just did a fresh install on another drive. It worked fine with 10.6.1. I did a benchmark using geekbench and I get consistent scores between 13300-13400. I tested my sound if it works after sleep and it works. I backed it all up on another partition using super duper. I then upgraded to 10.6.2, upgrade went fine, installed all required 10.6.2 kexts (new NullCPU and new SleepEnabler). Now I did another benchmark using geekbench and it's now consistent between 12700-12800 and now my sound doesn't work after sleep, it only works if I unplug the speakers and plug it back in. These are exactly the same issues I encountered with my original install. I did this exercise just to verify the issues. Has anybody got the same issues? One thing that annoys me is the sound not working after sleep on 10.6.2 (it does work again if I unplug and plug it back in)