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  1. i've found ( looking out other developers systems ) that leopard infact speeds up on G3's, about 1.5 times faster than tiger
  2. MacBook Pro and MacBook

    ( Opens blackbook and checks inside ) Nope definatley soldered, you have no chance upgrading it, though macbooks shouldn't get updated for some time to meroms
  3. Will Vista work on MacBooks?

    I can officially report that vista works fine on my blackbook 2GB RAM ! Aero is fully enabled and it feels quite a bit snappier than my friends MacBook Pro though all in all there is nothing really worth using in vista, it wont even run half my apps, and it asks you if you want to do anything !
  4. What OSes made by apple do you like?

    i second the newton os, i still use mine everyday, and it schools an origami pc any day
  5. OSX and PS3

    why would you want to, why the PS3 itself is quite unappealing, and at such a high price why not just get a Nintendo Wii or xbox 360 and a Mac Mini, you get the pure mac experience, and you get a better gaming experience !
  6. Best Torrent Client for OS X

    i just use the bit torrent feature in Acquisition seeing as i use acquisition for most other things, it gets the job done
  7. Lack Of Customization On Apple Store

    well atleast they got the Mac Pro right, 4 million + combinations, and you can downgrade the system, i.e. making it cheaper ! Thats pretty configurable
  8. OS X Annoyances

    one thing i wish they would change is the annoying iLife 06 advertising messages, i clicked the don't show again box, yet the persist