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    Apple unveils "macOS Sierra"

    Hi Herve, I have a dv2000 which has the same specs as your laptop. I just installed sierra on it. Currently its using the MBP5,1 smbios. You mentioned that it can be reverted to the the older SMBIOS. But I thought once reverted, clover will definitely show this version of Mac is not supported on this platform? Provided we remove the Platformsupport.plist from core services? Also may I ask, are you using the kext voodootscsync for this laptop in sierra too? Thanks!
  2. Hi previously i had success with this guide for my compaq cq42 laptop lvds. Now i want the hdmi port to work so i again followed this guide. But i have some problems as at first i used this 00 08 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 04 02 00 21 03 02 01 and the hdmi works but there are a lot of tiny bit of like red colour on my samsung tv. So i assume because i used the value 04 which stands for rgv yub for the second pair of the aty,features so i changed the 04 to 01 and the hdmi does not work. I've tried OP basic code schematics per connector by adding the info i got from the decoder and again it does not work. Thank you very much. Oh, my graphic card is ATI 5430m. Thank you.
  3. Hi if u don't mind taking a look at my dsdt? To see if i have done anything wrong. Im pretty sure i have the hda-gfx under hdef. Thanks dsdt_s400ca.aml.zip
  4. Hi i've patched the capri frame buffer kext using this guide http://www.hackintoshosx.com/topic/21732-guide-enable-hdmi-audio-intel-hd-4000/ .Now my ioreg says its connector-type is 00 08 00 00 but then the hdmi audio still doesn't work. I even applied the patch to my dsdt for both hdef and igpu. I think maybe something wrong with voodoohda? Because when i plugged the hdmi, the sound system preferences under output says Digital Out (HDMI) not samsung tv.Thanks
  5. So I was browsing through my clover config.plist, realised there is an option to patch kext on the fly. And in that, there is hdmi audio for hd4000. Because the config.plist I'm using is from rehab man. So I enable it by ticking the port 0304 which is for i think frame buffer@2 because when i plug the hdmi it shows as apple display in frame buffer 2. Also I'm following this guide by allan http://www.hackintoshosx.com/topic/21732-guide-enable-hdmi-audio-intel-hd-4000/is to put the dsdt patch under igpu. But to no avail. The guide says that you need to have audio working using either voodoo or applehda. The hdmi audio still doesnt work for me though. And also in sys information under display, it detected my samsung tv as television.
  6. Hi theracermaster, sorry for the late reply. I just checked other appleintelframebuffer and my samsung smart tv is detected as apple display(presumably). The connector type is 00 04 00 00 which is DP. I have attached my ioreg. Thanks. Mac’s MacbookAir.zip
  7. Ok, so i have plugged and the connector type is still 02 00 00 00. So what should i do? Thanks!
  8. Sorry for my incompetence, what you mean is that i have to plug in the HDMI first after that open ioreg and see if its is hdmi rather than display port??
  9. The connector type says <02 00 00 00>. which means lvds display.
  10. Hi are you referring to this? If so, yes there is.
  11. I added useintelhdmi in clover and it doesn't work as well. Anybody who is knowledgeable can chimp in and help me? Thanks!
  12. Anybody can help me? Thanks! Also does putting true in the clover config.plist useintelhdmi helps?
  13. Hi theracermaster sorry to ask this but what do you mean by inject the hda-gfx property? Is it the hd4k low res patch: https://github.com/RehabMan/Laptop-DSDT-Patch/blob/master/graphics/graphics_HD4K_low.txtThank you very much
  14. Hello guys, i have a Asus S400CA which has a realtek alc269 (i know this codec is pretty common and there are a lot variations of this codec) and i tried all of mirone kexts for el capitan. All of them doesn't really work. Some of which are internal speakers work but headphone jack doesn't where others is completely doesn't work at all. So i've been using voodoohda as I'm not competence in patching an applehda for my codec. The drawback of using voodoo is that whenever i plug in the headphone i have to manually switch the sound to headphone in sys pref. And hdmi audio doesn't work. So I managed to found a guide by Allan to enable hd4000 audio:http://www.hackintoshosx.com/topic/21732-guide-enable-hdmi-audio-intel-hd-4000/but the problem is that i don't know what is my ig-platform id connector in hexadecimal number? The guide doesn't have the hexadecimal number for my ig-platform-id. Im using clover boot loader and my ig-platform id is 0x01660003. Basically my hdmi is working just that no audio coming out of the tv. Thank you very much
  15. Ok, i just followed the guide. Now my laptop whenever i clicked sleep, the screen turn black without any backlight! Unlike last time the screen turn black with a cursor and backlight. But my laptop does not sleep completely though I can hear the fan running at full throttle and the power button still have light. And the display preference doesn't have any slider or so. Oh and clamshell doesn't work too despite pnlf is implemented in my dsdt. Do you think something wrong with my patch? Thank you very much. **Edit** Success! I just applied rehab man pnlf and it works! Now i have brightness slider and clamshell working! Im wondering can i create another two patch for my vga and hdmi alongside with the lvds patch at clover? I haven't tested my hdmi and vga but i still they don't work because the frame buffer I'm using is langur. Will it cause friction between each other Thank you very much.