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  1. {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    Thanks for offering your help! I figured it out. The PostInstall.sh script actually had errors. Eventually the CLOVER folder didn't get copied to the EFI partition and that's why the button was not on the Clover interface when running it from the flash drive since Clover did not see the CLOVER folder and the .efi file in it on the EFI partition and that's why it could not offer the option of adding the entry to the boot menu in bios (as there was nothing to add . On a side note - to answer your question - sure I did flash the bios - if I didn't I wouldn't be able to boot Clover from the USB drive, it all worked fine - the issue was that the button "Clover Boot Options" wasn't there, it wasn't available. And yes, I did partition it to GPT so the EFI partition was on the drive. I think the error in running the PostInstall.sh was due to the wrong reference - the .sh script refers to disk0 (disk0s1) and I was installing on the 2nd HDD in my laptop which must have been disk1 (disk1s1). Once I mounted the EFI partition and copied the CLOVER folder to it and rebooted and booted from the USB flash drive again the button "Clover Boot Options" was there just as I expected. Hope this helps someone as well
  2. {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    Has anyone had an issue when booting Clover from the USB EFI and the "Clover Boot Options" button does not show? Also tried to find how to manually add it to BIOS and couldn't find how to add it. The PostInstall.sh script ran without errors and is now on EFI partition of the system drive. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  3. {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    my HDD is now on MBR partition scheme and ML is installed on the 2nd partition (the first is reserved for windows 7). I flagged the 2nd partition "boot" in gparted and installed Chameleon on it and I keep getting "boot0: error" and I tried many kinds of boot1 and with bs=4096 and without it and still no success. What could be the reason for that? thanks a lot in advance
  4. {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    Hey Mohamed! What about NVidia 525 - any chance to get it to work? you're still using the code in dsdt that disables it? And I've got a few questions: 1. How safe is it to use the modded bios that you're using ? I recall we discussed that the bios for all Inspirons n5110 is the same regardless of the processors used (e.g. I have i7-2670QM) - so does that mean I can flash the same modded bios that you're using onto my laptop? 2. You mention MBR - is your HDD partition scheme MBR? Mine is GUID and I though that MBR is not good enough for vanilla type OSX installations. Or am I wrong here? Thanks! Great job on ML too!!! I followed your ML DP mini guide and I got ML DP4 installed last week - worked like a charm !!!
  5. {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    Mohamed, thank you for explaining! I wonder if there is a way to make the fan operate in Lion like it does in Win7? However, the extra fan work in Lion should not take a lot of battery - at least not the extra 1,5 hrs, right? I noticed that with maropr's DSDT the fan on my machine is not spinning as often as it was before so it is more tolerant to higher temps (previously it would kick in when CPU temps reached 50C and now it does that at 53C or above). This could be due to no extra heat from NVidia that I am not getting now (it seems there is only one fan inside so it is probably designed to cool everything - not just the CPU). I'd hazard a guess that fan thresholds are probably defined in some kexts? Do you think it is possible that some further DSDT editing could make the fan operate in Lion like it does in Win7?
  6. {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    that's what we all here are trying to do we ask for advice and we give advice but I doubt there's one fix for all things - a lot of trial and error involved. why don't you start with filling out your signature so we know exactly what machine you're trying to "macentize" , what kexts you have in your E/E and what kexts you installed into S/L/E and what bootloader you're using (sorry if you said it elsewhere but it's a lot more easier if you have that in your sig) - and while you need a fast solution - you should still prepare to spend time learning new things - and I am no expert in patching dsdt or anything else - all I do is compare and ask why the difference - and once you know how - it's not rocket science anymore just take it easy Hey Mohamed! This might sound like a dumb question - just wanted to clarify for myself - what exactly in the IOreg screenshot in your post above shows that the card is powered down ? Is there a particular value? Or is there a string or a line that has to be there when the card is powered up and it is no longer there? I thought if the current power state line says 0x00 that might mean a component is not consuming any power at the moment - is that correct? Thanks in advance!!! maybe you're right - you definitely know more about this stuff then I do - just from my experience I got KP when I tried your DSDT - my machine is a bit different although it is n5110. I don't remember now - but the processor section of your Dell should have only 4 threads on CPU definitions in DSDT (as your CPU is a 2-core i5 - 4 threads on hyper-threading), mine has 8 since it as a 4 core CPU - so I guess even if the BIOS is A09 version there maybe differences - however I am not 100% sure - just thinking out loud . I use my service tag to get to the right page on Dell support - to make sure I download the right stuff for my model - but I realize some drivers and other files could apply across a whole range of models. No - I was wrong - your DSDT has all 8 CPU definitions
  7. {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    Are you getting any of these artifacts when running Windows 7? It is important to make sure that when in Windows you choose Intel Graphics as your default video adapter and check in the NVidia control panel that NVidia GPU activity is None. If you're not getting the artifacts in Windows I believe this should mean there's no problem with your hardware (i.e. monitor etc.). It is usually not the best idea to take someone's DSDT and use it as there could be some differences between machines of the same model. You can use DSDT Editor to open .aml versions of modded DSDTs you download from here and other forums and save them as .dsl files - then you can use the Compare option in Word (in Windows) and compare your DSDT (original is best to start with) and any modded you download - it will take a lot of time but would be very useful. You'd be able to identify each patch separately and verify if it was applied properly whenever you patch things yourself. You can try the DSDT from here - http://www.projectos...indpost&p=17613 I just did and it worked great (I did compare it with mine in Word before I applied it to see what was different - there are A LOT of code added to the video section to disable NVidia - I am not 100% sure it is powered down completely but my laptop runs cooler and quieter now and reports longer battery life). Who knows, maybe somehow it would resolve the artifacts you're getting.
  8. {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    Are you getting those artifacts when you boot into OS X without DSDT? I get some occasional artifacts but they are minor and rare (on n5110 with i7-2670QM). And it'd be easier to judge if you could post some screen shots. I believe GT 525 M is powered up and while there's no solution available yet to get it to operate as a fully functional video adapter it simply consumes power and generates heat. I suspect that is the most probable reason for a shorter battery life (almost 50% of what I get in Windows 7) and the more intensive fan operation under Lion vs Windows 7. I observed that when I make the Nvidia active for all programs in Windows 7 (so that all video gets processed through the card - not sure if that deactivates Intel HD3000 but still) my battery life gets very close to what I get in OS X. That leads me to believe that if we could find a way to patch DSDT to power down NVidia - we'd get a quieter, cooler and longer operation on battery in Lion on our n5110. I've discovered a great topic over here - http://www.projectos...573 I tried to pull together into a single post everything I could understand in there and posted again some question. It'd be great if you guys could join in on the effort. It's quite a pity that NVidia is just "spinning" for nothing and eats up 40-50% of the battery and adds to the heat and noise of this nice laptop!
  9. DSDT editor and patcher

    Hi guys! I've just posted on http://www.projectosx.com forum (as Thrashaxe) - would appreciate if you could provide any feedback on it. http://www.projectos...indpost&p=17573 I am copying this post here for ease of reference and responding! Thanks a lot in advance !!!! Based on all the info contained in this topic - If my only goal for the video adapter card GT 525M (on Dell n5110) is to power the card down at start-up and make sure it does not power up when waking up from sleep - would doing the following be enough? (please give your advice). 1. Inserting this method into DSDT.dsl Method (PINI, 0, NotSerialized) { \_SB.PCI0.PEG0.PEGP._ON () \_SB.PCI0.PEG0.PEGP._PS0 () } 2. Put PINI() at the beginning of the _WAK method and _INI method (the _INI within device PEG0). 3. Copy methods _PS0 and _ON from SSDT-4 and SGON from SSDT-3 to the end of my DSDT.dsl 4. Copy methods _PS3 and _OFF from SSDT-4 and SGOF from SSDT-3 to the end my DSDT.dsl 5. Hardcode LEqual parameters following the example shown by DoiX in this topic for the methods copied from SSDT-4 and SSDT-3 into my DSDT.dsl. 6.Compile and debug if there are any errors. And please let me ask a few more questions: 1. What would be different if instead of the PINI above we used this?: Method (PINI, 0, NotSerialized) { \_SB.PCI0.PEG0.PEGP._OFF () \_SB.PCI0.PEG0.PEGP._PS3 () } 2. Would it be sufficient to copy only _PS3 and _OFF from SSDT-4 and SGOF from SSDT-3 to DSDT.dsl if the only goal to have the card powered down at all times to avoid excessive battery drain and heat? It seems that methods _PS0 and _ON and SGON affect the “POWERED ON” state of the card’s power state (please correct me if I am wrong). 3. Is it ok to place _PS0, _ON, SGOF, _PS3, _OFF, SGON at the very end of DSDT – or they should be at the end of PEG0 section – or maybe some other specific place? 4. When querying functions in AIDA64 to determine the values that should be hardcoded – is using the “Quick query” button enough? Just use the value as it is provided as a result – e.g. 0x00000001 or whatever goes after ”0x”? Many thanks in advance for your feedback and advice!!!
  10. {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    Hey Mohamed! Thank you for all your sharing of useful info! Just wanted to ask if you had a chance to try the ML and whether it looks any more promising to get the GT 525 M to work or disabling it to stop it from eating up the battery to extend the battery time (I am getting only 2:30 hours on 10.7.3 vs 5:00 hrs on Windows 7). Thanks in advance!
  11. Does this mean that with this string the NVidia card (GT 525M) would be recognized and initialized instead of Intel 3000 Graphics? If so, that's a major advantage of 10.6.8 over 10.7.x since as of now there is no solution to get GT 525M to work on Lion. Please clarify!!! Thanks in advance!
  12. [Guide] Mac OS X Lion on Dell 15R N5110 2011

    Same here. I am getting 2:30 expected/estimated remaining battery time on 10.7.3 at 100% charge without any CPU load (running Temp Monitor and Activity Monitor only) - both on Voodoo battery kext and native OSX kext (patched). In Windows 7 Ultimate I get 4-5 hours expected/estimated remaining battery time (again at 100% charge without any CPU load). While I realize this also depends on how the remaining time is measured in Windows 7 vs OS X Lion but I have a strong impression that the battery holds at least 1 hour longer in Windows 7 under regular load (internet browsing on forums - no video or animations etc.). I thought it was related to speedstep but the HW Monitor app shows the same multiplier (i.e. x8) in Lion as I get in Core Temp in Windows. I don't think the CPU fan could consume so much (it does work a bit harder in Lion compared to W7). In W7 it keeps the lowest rotation speed allowing the CPU to keep 53-54 C while in Lion it starts blowing more air once the temps on all 4 cores get over 50 C. I am note sure if the Nvidia GT 525M could be the reason - it functions in W7 (and Intel Graphics is probably disabled) however in Lion (again, I am guessing here) it consumes power without delivering anything and the video is provided by Intel Graphics. I would also appreciate some help on this!!! Thanks in advance!!!