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  1. The code attached (courtesy of ElNono and mdmwii from ######## forum, plus 2 minor corrections from me) will do it. Compile it in XCode as a Foundation console app, needs to link against IOKit.Framework as well. Should get output like this: checkMessages.zip
  2. I think this is a logical next step, but having some easy method to set these variables to test them would be incredibly helpful. Overwriting registers somewhat blindly in GDB to trick IMDAppleServices to pull the values from somewhere else is a bit tedious.
  3. Not necessarily... only 2 of my 5 IOPower variables matched a real MacPro. The first 3 were set at boot time and evidently worked fine. Figuring out what triggers the last 2 to be set (by the kernel maybe?) may be the best option.
  4. I was able to sign in and register this morning after tinkering with it quite a bit. The thread over on ######## has the details on how to get it working.
  5. This makes sense because imagent actually makes the connection and signs in, and stays signed in in the background. At least that has been my understanding.
  6. Seems that the MLB and ROM variables are volatile and set by EFI upon boot, even in a VM. Other variables save and get restored without issue, but not these.
  7. I think I still have a 10.8.1 VM kicking around - if I can dig it up tonight I'll try a few things out.
  8. As mentioned, setting those nvram values after being booted, even if you restart imagent, doesn't seem to have any effect. If there is a way to get Chameleon/Chimera to set nvram values on boot, I have a real MacPro3,1 running ML to get values from to match my MacPro3,1 Hack to.