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  1. Leopard running hot ?

    Good to know I'm not the only one. I have Mail and Safari open (no open Finder windows) and my fans have been very loud. There is probably a memory leak somewhere.
  2. The truth is -- Leopard is a developer preview release. While I find most applications and features stable, it is not actually a stable release by any means. This means there will be (and there are) bugs. Since I keep coming across different thinks, and I quickly find a solution to most things, I thought I'd start a thread where we can all share different tricks to solve problems in Leopard. Please only post problems and solutions. If you find a bug and you are not sure how to fix it, and there is not an existing thread about it, please make a new thread about it. Problem: Occasionally, my monitor's backlight will start flickering a bit, with the brightness changing. Finally, the brightness level will go down a lot, even though the system claims it's as highest as it can go. Solution: Press F14 and turn down the brightness fully. Once you're at the last notch, the whole screen may go dark (another bug in Leopard). Now turn it back up to what you had it set to (probably full) using F15. If this does not work once, try it again. Safari Problems Problem: Safari starts telling me a script is taking too long to load, and asks me if I want to Continue or Stop, when I go to any site with JavaScript. This happens a few seconds after the script starts being executed. Solution: Go to Safari -> Quit, and reopen Safari. This is only a temporary fix, and the problem is most likely going to start occurring again, and you'll need to do this again.
  3. My Review!

    Am I the only one that doesn't have so many problems with Leopard? iWork '06 doesn't work well, but everything else is fine for me. A few bugs with iTunes and Safari, but everything else is okay. I'm satisfied.
  4. Installation on iPod is odd...

    My advice is to unplug your iPod while installing Leopard, as it seems to have confused it. Not only that, Leopard does have some iPod problems, but it's still a bit stabler than Tiger on some of the apps (seriously. While I find Spaces and Time Machine have some problems, everything else has been, IMO, fine) I couldn't install the iPod Updater, so I ran the updater directly instead by using "Show Package Contents". If you look in there, there's another package somewhere, so you go into there ("Show Package Contents") and somewhere in there should be the actual updater file.
  5. I have a 5G iPod currently (USB 2.0), and tried to use that to boot to the Leopard installation. No dice, though. (PPC Mac) I found out you can't boot from USB devices. And I just remembered my 4G in the closet. (I upgraded it and never got around to selling it, luckily) It has the FireWire cables, charger, and all that, so I'm charging it now. Can I make a new partition and use that or do I need to format the whole device? TIA