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  1. My powerbook has died And I am going to build my own mac now, here is what Im looking to buy, I am computer savvy just want to make sure the parts are good/ see if anyone has had any problems: Intel DG45ID Motherboard w/ E8400 processor EVGA GeForce 9400 GT Video Card Hitachi 1tb HD 4gb of Corsair Memory pc6400 Ddr2 Does everything sound like it should work, buying all this stuff and being stuck with vista would suck a large one.
  2. I beg your help!

    k super simple, open up two windows, then drag the music, pictures etc. folders to the home folder on your current system, it will replace them and everything should be fine (I just did the same thing you did)
  3. nah i dont think so, when i archived and re installed 10.4.7, the apps are on my computer but they dont work...
  4. Big Problem with Leopard

    Sorry, but my powerbook is now just at the spinning apple, i did the whole install of leopard, and it went throught smoothly, now its just hanging on the apple, any idea?
  5. Leopard Installation Method

    Ok, i read almost every post here, but for the record, what is the easiest way to install 10.5 on my g4 powerbook, so g4 powerbook, I have the usb external drive, and a 5g ipod as well as a 3g ipod, what should i do to install it. the easiest way though im up for anything i got alot of time...
  6. Missing a RAR? Try this Site

    found what i needed, thanks.
  7. TV on a mac

    the camcorder way would be the easiest and probably fastest way