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    HP Compaq 8710p guide

    After I've installed Leopard last year but but soon deinstalled again due to the long boot problem, I decided to try it again, since it seems to work pretty well now . I'm wondering if I should just follow Ludens' guide in this post. Since the 8710w and 8710p are pretty much the same, this should work for 8710p as well. Seems like in 10.5.8 everything but Wifi works! However, in 10.6.x Wifi, Firewire, wake from hibernate and Bluetooth won't work. So it looks like Leopard would be the better choice for now (Also he says that the Ricoh Cardbus kext would fix the long boot problem, while Pasa Yildrim figured out it is because of USB and fixable by patching the DSDT - or does that just differ from the OS's?) unicredit, what exactly is working for you now? Just like it is working for Pasa Yildrim, so just sleep and SDHCI, wifi missing, or is it even better? I was going to get the Atheros AR5BXB72 and install it in my 8710p with a modded BIOS that has the whitelist removed. Then, if Ludens guide will work, it really should function properly. Do you guys have some more information regarding DSDT patching for the 8710p? Can you just apply standard fixes for Compaq models to the 8710p? I hope you can clear some things up for me