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  1. Hello, I have tried everything posted in the forum but im still not able to boot from my Toshiba 16gb pen drive. I tried repairs, multiple installs... But still cant boot from it on my A150. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello everyone, it might seem a stupid question but I want to know something. As I know, Snow Leopard costs money. How am I supposed to actually update from 10.5.8 to 10.6?
  3. I have a problem, like everyone in here, as I see! LOL I installes 10,5,5 kalyway an when i installe from 10,5,3 to 10,5,4 i lost keyboard and mouse. I thought that by updating to 10,5,5 it will solve itself but it didnt. My problem is that I did the method of the kext in the desktop... I did it all and everything seemed to go right. When I reboot the laptop it stays in the light blue screen while it goes inside Mac Os wht can I do?