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  1. If you just installed the OS X on your netbook, you can suffer a little because of the small screen, that OS X wasn't designed for.... Searching this Forum, I found a tip that the user limini gave: StatusBar/ Finder Shrinker Just install this little app and run. It will put a small Icon on the TopBar to you select how much to resize the windows. Attention: this will only resize apps open after you had choose the correct resolution. Very useful to use with Photo Booth or Settings(Try to ajust Exposé without this... ). You may put StatusBar to open automatically when you Log In on your Mac. Just go to Settings > Accounts > Login Itens > + > Choose StatusBar. Done! Author of the StatusBar/Finder Shrinker is unknown to me... If anyone knows, please post here for proper credits!
  2. Asus 1005hab (works for 1005ha) Snow Leopard Install Guide

    Hey guys, network cable is working in your's 1005HAB? Mine only gets "yellow" status... Do not reach internet... Anyone?
  3. Asus 1005hab (works for 1005ha) Snow Leopard Install Guide

    marugby123, I upgraded to 10.6.6 and everything went just fine. Thanks one more time. I did this because I was very interested in the "new" App Store. BTW, I'm using a Asus 1005HAB with 2gb of RAM. Do you allow me to translate your guide to my language(Portuguese)? Of corse that I will give you all the credit. By doing this, your guide will reach more users. bye
  4. Top 10 Applications for Hackintosh Netbooks

    This just change the Finder resolution? I manage only to change only th Finder windows resolution....
  5. Asus 1005hab (works for 1005ha) Snow Leopard Install Guide

    Hi! I follow InsanelyMac for mor than 3 years and never got a system fully working thoug. My hardware ALWAYS had something that do not work. Until I found this guide! Thanks, for the first time I got a FULLY working OSX! For now, I'm using 10.6.5 and everything is good! I just want to know if is "safe"(I know that always there is a risk) to upgrade to 10.6.6. I see many comments saying that FAN or USB stoped working. This is still happening? Thanks again for this fantastic guide! You save me 5542,20 dollars in a Macbook(the lowest price on my country! )
  6. Fan is noisy

    Hi, I'm running OS X iDeneb 10.4.4 and updated to 10.4.5. My PC is: Core 2 Duo E4300, Asus P5LD2-SE, 4gb ram. The problam is that the system fan is veery noisy, on WinXP, it's pretty quite. There is anyway to fix this? Tks. Sry for the bad english.
  7. Leo4all Vanilla dosen't work

    Hi My PC reboot before the OSX even start loading. It does the cache of extensions and tha reboot. -v doesn't work in this case....
  8. Hi, I'm on a C2D E4300 @ 3ghz, 4gb ram DDR2, HD2600xt. Leo4all works great, but only with Kernel 9.2.0 and 9.2.2.(Usualy for AMD). Vanilla 9.2.0 9.2.2 instalation dosen't work at all. At the first boot, it make a cache of extensions and before it really boot, my PC just reset. Any idea why is that? Sry for the poor english. Tks
  9. Just make a new install and than, with the first boot, selec "Transfer my information from a TM". Works with me. Sry for the bad english.
  10. Hi I havea C2D E4300, 4gb Ram, Asus P5LD2-SE and a 2600XT. Everything works with Leo4Allv3... But I can`t get update Combo(10.5.5) to work here. It kills my installation every time...(Thanks God for Time Machine...). I try the netkas method 3 times and another based on his 1 more time.... While Loading Leopard(-v), it will reboot with no reason... So there is another way to update? Tks. PS? Sry for the bad english.
  11. Simple Question

    Can I install the Leopard in a external HD? Only for compatibility test, of corse. Aboute the ram: well, my notebook has 256+256mb = 512mb; I will remove one and put a 1gb ram. 1gb + 0,2gb(256mb) = 1,2gb! =P
  12. Simple Question

    Tks for the reply, Synaesthesia! Do you think that Leopard will be (much)faster with 1,2gb RAM(compare to 512)? I'm thinking in a RAM upgrade also. Tks again and sry for the english.
  13. Simple Question

    Hi, I have a HP ze2020 with Tiger 10.4.11, and everything is perfect. I see a Leopard ISO and I want to upgrade upgrade my OS. My Laptop isan't good, he has only 512mb ram and 1,3 celeron and no QE/CI(under Tiger. No driver for Intel 855GM, on Leopard, I think the QE/CI wont work either ) Will Leopard run slower than Tiger? I search the forum but I do not find nothing related to this metter. Tks and sry for the bad english.
  14. Works just fine here, tks!! But tapping still don't work... What can I do to put it to work:interrogantion: I have a laptop HP ze2000 Sry for the poor english. Tks
  15. Works just fine with me, 10.4.8 => 10.4.11 Tks