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    Oblivion Mac Plugin Problems

    First of all, I really wanna say thanks for helping me out so much, even if we are not making much progress It´s like this: Bought Oblivion back in 2006 in German but couldn´t really play it very well, since my notebook back then was just not cut for a game like Oblivion. Last christmas I got a macbook and last month I remembered Oblivion and decided I wanted to play it again. So I searched the internet and found there is no official Mac version and I really didn´t want to go to the trouble of getting a hold of a Windows copy aso. so I was overjoyed when I stumbled upon the Oblivion GOTY torrent on thepiratebay. Downloaded it, checked all the articles online and... yeah. At first none of the plugins worked, none of the mods I tried out worked, except for some reason that dual wield mod and then the orrery mod suddenly activated itself. Later, when I was nearly done with all the main vanilla quests I wanted to play shivering isles only to find the island not there despite having received the quest entry. After a couple of days that problem was suddenly fixed when I filled out the DLS file in the Oblivion folder. And now that´s the only plugin thats functioning properly and I would really like to play KotN next but so far, no luck...
  2. Davine

    Oblivion Mac Plugin Problems

    Then why do only the Shivering Isles work?
  3. Davine

    Oblivion Mac Plugin Problems

    I have read all these threads and articles and comments regarding the topic and it doesn´t work. That´s why I made this thread.
  4. Davine

    Oblivion Mac Plugin Problems

    So I downloaded the GotY Edition of Oblivion and followed all of the instructions online regarding creating the plugins and DLC files. However the only plugin I got working is the Shivering Isles. I am thinking if I did something wrong with the aforementioned two files than the Shivering Isles shouldn´t work either, should they? I hope someone figured out the solution to that problem. According to some comments I am not the only one that has that problem.