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  1. I'm running pretty much the same configuration you are. The only thing I've noticed different in my logs is now I'm getting the following error in /var/log/kernel.log ACPI_SMC_CtrlLoop::loadStepperProgram - pmCPUControl (PMIOCSETPSTATESTEPPER) failed, result = 0x4 I've tried pfix and manual recreation of extension caches and permission fixes but so far no luck.
  2. Has anyone upgraded to 10.6.3 with these DSDT fixes in place? I just upgraded and it seemed to go smoothly until I tried to sleep, then I had a problem resuming. Sleeping itself works just fine, no errors or anything, but when I resume it just comes up to a blank blue screen with a movable mouse cursor. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this or fixed it. Thanks.
  3. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    Mine is like that. In Linux and Windows only the VGA or DVI work, not both at the same time. But that is with the Internal LCD screen, I can't shut off the LCD screen and use both of them (VGA& DVI). I'm not using either VoodooPower or NullCPUPower, my DSDT is patched to allow native support with AppleIntelCPUPower. This is with the video driver itself, I've been reading quite a few posts on it and it just seems to be the framebuffer itself. RadeonHD however does work properly with screen dimming however it doesn't work with dual monitors (at least as far as I'm aware of) nor does it allow my laptop to sleep.
  4. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    That is what I figured, I just find it funny that it works with the docking stations VGA port (I'm using that now for dual monitors) and the DVI port works up until the login screen and then it shuts off. Ahhh well here was to hoping to fix one of the last two things with my install, the other being proper dimming of the display for power saving instead of half the screen turning off.
  5. ATi Mobility Radeon x1700

    I do not have an Asus laptop but a Lenovo T60p with an ATI x1700 card in it. I have gotten it to work for QE/CI and resolution changes by modifying ATIRadeonX1000.kext and then using ATIinject.kext or EVOEnabler.kext or gfx EFI strings. All three get my laptops LCD screen to display properly and let the built in VGA port work for dual monitors (if it's plugged in at boot). Actually the VGA works in both my laptop and when my laptop is docked. What I'm stuck on now is trying to get the DVI port in my docking station to work. It shows everything fine through the boot process but when it goes to swtich to the login screen the DVI connection shuts off. I've tried editing the injection kexts to have three ATI,EFIDisplay entries, put in my EDID of my external monitor and other miscellaneous changes but so far no luck. Does anyone have this setup and have it working, or have any suggestions on what I might try? Thanks!
  6. Okay I do not match your guide completely, you mentioned that I should be showing 5 values in PerformanceStateArray, I'm only showing 4, I also now have the CPULimit entry but it's value is 0x3. Picture Attached. Hmmmm Sure here is my quick writeup I did on it. http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=650 Basically my card's ids weren't known by the driver's binary at all. I had to search for another version 71de (don't remember which card this was) and replace it with 71d4 (My card). I found this mentioned somewhere else but it was for versions prior to 10.6 so I wrote up what I found. Ahhh all the little pieces to fix, just realized I've lost my Ultrabay DVD Burner support, hmmmmmmmmm. :-D ah well, I find this somewhat enjoyable, well only if I'm seeing some progress, if I'm not getting anywhere I want to bring out the baseball bat.
  7. It did end up being something wrong with my cache, pfix fixed that and I seem to have SpeedStepping (sp?) working, though I don't know if it's better then what I have with VoodooPowerMini or not. I am curious about one thing. I have the x1700/v5250 card in my T60p so to get it to work I not only have to modify ATIRadeonX1000.kext's Info.plist but also the binary too. I am able to be QE/CI working by doing this and then using either ATIinject.kext or EFI strings in com.apple.Boot. I do not have ATINDRV.kext anywhere on my system and stuff is working find including sleep but you said that it was needed. What benefit would ATINDRV.kext provide me?
  8. I've played with RadeonHD, I actually have a couple of scripts that automate the changing between ATIFramebuffer & RadeonHD if I want to save power by dimming. The only problem I had with RadeonHD was that it did not allow my system to sleep. Now if it's been updated and that's fixed I'll move back to it, the mouse tearing didn't bother me that much at all. With trying to get speedstepping to work I'm receiving the following two errors in my kernel.log. Any ideas? Not loading kext com.apple.driver.ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin - not found and kextd not available in early boot. ACPI_SMC_CtrlLoop::loadStepperProgram - pmCPUControl (PMIOCSETPSTATESTEPPER) failed, result = 0x4 Here is a paste bin of my whole kernel.log http://pastebin.com/nFBPr5AP
  9. I've downloaded your new files and I'm comparing them now, a few differences between my base system and yours but not many, hopefully I can figure out what is stopping my Vanilla SpeedStep from working. Right now my Legacy kext only includes the information for ACPI_SMC_Platformplugin since I'm happy with the AppleAzalia driver and I have to patch ATIRadeonX1000 to get my video card to work anyway. One thing on the brightness slider, have you figured out how to have it work for anything lower then 75%? That is about as low as I can put it before the left side of my screen goes "black" and my right side continues to dim. Also on the video question, have you ever tried an external monitor with the DVI output on one of the Lenovo docks? I have the VGA output working fine but I cannot get DVI to work. It works through bootup but right when it switches to the login screen it does dark and receives no signal. Ahh well more troubleshooting to do.
  10. First off excellent writeup Silencers, very very VERY thorough. I also have a t60p though with the v5250 card (1600x1050) that requires modification of the ATIRadeonX1000 and wanted to compare your dsdt to mine. Unfortunately when I tried to download your files to compare them RapidShare gave me the following error (This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector's Account, and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times. This limit is reached.)
  11. I just downloaded the newest version of RadeonHD.kext and I have to say I like what I'm seeing (admittedly the skewed hardware cursor is annoying but whatever). I especially like it because it handles screen dimming on my laptop properly where as the ATIinject method would sort of turn half the screen off and dim the other half. The last bit that is making me keep ATIinject around (switching at single usermode depending on need) is the ability for dual monitors. I'm on a Lenovo t60p with the ATI Mobility x1700/FireGL v5250 card. It took me awhile but I can at least get the laptops VGA output working with ATIinject, unfortunately not the DVI connector on my docking station which stays blank. Now with RadeonHD I do get some output on the external display but it's just a solid color and in System Profiler I do not have any external displays listed. Am I missing something in getting this to work? I'm more then willing to help out with development though I'm not familiar with the development environment on OSX (previously linux fanboy here). Graphics Info: Mobility FireGL V5250: Chipset Model: Mobility FireGL V5250 Type: GPU Bus: PCIe PCIe Lane Width: x16 VRAM (Total): 256 MB Vendor: ATI (0x1002) Device ID: 0x71d4 Revision ID: 0x0000 Displays: Display: Resolution: 1680 x 1050 Pixel Depth: 32-Bit Color (ARGB8888) Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes
  12. So I have an issue that I don't know if it's software related or hardware. Basically I cannot capture a screen shot either using the keyboard shortcuts or using Grab. When i use the shortcuts nothing is saved to the desktop though it appears to work. When I use Grab it also appears to capture the window but the save file is blank. Anyone have any ideas what might cause this?
  13. Awesome!! Finally found something that works on my Lenovo t60p with 10.6. I am however having another issue and I don't know if it's related but it does deal with graphics. Basically I can't capture any screenshots either using the Shift+CMD+4 (it seems to work but nothing is saved to the desktop) or Grab (it takes a shot but it is blank). I also can't create a slideshow in iPhoto.