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  1. total overkill for the power, 400w corsair should do the same job
  2. yeah our computers are friends! only thing clocking me higher is 12gb of ram. i've tried with 6gb and it went to around 4.1ghz /offtopic but yeah i was persistent enough to try installing applehda and hdaenabler in /s/l/e and then patch my dsdt with digital's patcher, and it worked. now i have audio!
  3. ok i got everything else working but audio, i just cant figure out what kexts to use, and where to place them earlier, when i had hdaenabler and applehda in /s/l/e and i installed voodoohda to /s/l/e with kexthelper i could get sounds working absolutely perfectly, but as i rebooted, i lost sounds and now i have tried almost every combination of hdaenabler, applehda and voodoohda in /s/l/e and /extras/extensions folders, always rebuilding kexts when i make changes its really frustrating to get em working for a brief moment and then lose everything :/ now i dont have any choices in voice-pref panel but if i put voodoohda in /s/l/e i get to chooce between 3 sources which do nothing. when my sound was working i had like 5 of them, in my language. situation is this: i dont have any audio kexts anywhere installed, how can i get sounds working? and should i use hdaenabler with voodoo or how does those forementioned 3 kexts (voodoo, apple, enabler) relate to each other? ie. what to use with what. i am lost
  4. here is some updates: i couldnt get SL working with this guide, but i tried other 64-bit guide. i was able to boot to SL but got no sound, ide devices, networking and screen flickered a bit. then i used kexts in this tut so i got ide (dvd-burner) and network working now ill have to think something for a) sound screenflickering i still have hd4870 and i must get dualscreen working. and system info didnt show that alc889a was installed but it is in /extra/extensions though
  5. thanks for the tip. i checked snow/extra and it had the right string :/ i tried also booting with -x but it just gave KP, didnt even get to gui
  6. this did not work for me. my system info: mobo: ex58-ud4p with f8 bios hdd: 3x sata2: win7, osx10.5.7 ideneb, empty cpu: 920@3.0ghz gpu: hd4870 oc with scythe musashi cooler ram: 12gb 1333mhz corsair@1200mhz everything is stable in both OS, under prime95 and other benchmarks, though some kp:s while opening some .dmg's (i have seatbelt though) but anyways here is what i did: i did exactly like this tut told me, i got right gpu string to .plist for my hd4870, after that i ran installer script, with /extra method and pci_efi. then i set partition active and after that installed SL after that i moved kexts to /extra, except for those 3 like in tut then i exited the script and moved dsdt.aml to /extra i booted to single user mode, mounted with -uw / ran buildcache. it gave depency errors like hell and ended to KP caused by kextcache i then tried to boot to verbosemode, fsck_hfs gave me a KP any ideas? i can provide more info if i missed some *Update* i moved all kexts to /system, and went to singleuser to buildcache, it said no kexts found, i moved alc889a to /extra and buildcaches, no KP on booting! sadly video didnt work. i tried with aty_init and natit kexts, one at a time. neither of those work. i get video with those but it is mosaic and pretty psychedelic. and i also have mouse cursor working well so situation is this: all kexts except for sound is in /system, with natit.kext and i get no video after pci-efi, except for cursor. what the beep i should do