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  1. Chameleon 2.4 svn

    Hi I am trying to boot El Capitan with Chameleon and I am getting an automatic reboot on Latitude E7440 and using the vanilla kernel. Any reason ! I tried with the bios is RAID or AHCI and Virtualization OFF and ON Enoch will only work with AHCI and Virtualization OFF but I still get instant reboot after loading some kexts. Thanks
  2. Chameleon 2.4 svn

    Will Chameleon eventually support El Capitan?
  3. In case someone needs this I don't know why I was so lazy to do this but it a working driver for Lion is on realtek website http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=48&PFid=48&Level=5&Conn=4&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false&Downloads=true#RTL8192CU
  4. Hi, I have a Latitude E6400 and currently running Lion 10.7.0, I just purchased a cool REALTEK 11n mini USB Wireless LAN Utility 300mbps. I am using RTL8192CUt.kext that came with the CD it works perfectly fin on snow leopard 10.6.8. On Lion 10.7.0 the kext is loaded fine and it has been detected but it does not connect on Lion, I am not sure why! The status in Network: Cable unplugged !. but it is detecting 802.11 and if I goto advanced on the decive I can see the mac address of the device. I can see it blinking, I also have Realtek USB WLAN Client utility installed but it is not being launched automatically like it does in Snow Leopard. http://www.ebay.com....=item5647f6a1ea Does anyone know of a another driver for this pretty cool small wifi device? or how I can get it to work on Lion? Thanks
  5. Deviato`s method actually works, screen is now 1280x800x32 http://deviato.wordpress.com/2010/02/24/ch...-gma-version-2/ But cannot get multiple monitors to work, anyone knows anything to get this fixed?
  6. Hi, Please help because I spent already many hours trying to get this working, I tried the patched AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext and I get a black screen. I tried Deviato`s method http://deviato.wordpress.com/2010/02/24/ch...-gma-version-2/ and it did not work, please advice. Thanks
  7. [Install] Dell Latitude E6400 E6500

    Well, I thought I'd let you guys know. Magic has been hapening for the last week, its been a long ride, I was complicating things sometimes more than I should have. I ended just installing Chameleon directly to the 500GB HD (first partition) which allowed me to boot any of its 13 partitions, this is the best way to install Mac OS X. I hope this helps people to understand how to get it working. I installed Mac OS X perfectly fine on my E6400 and got it working ofcourse after a little bit of hacking of what kexts I should use. Now I have 10.6.3 Vanilla install (no hacked mach_kernel used , I will update to 10.6.4 but first I am yet to figure out how I can get the following to work. The main issue is the display, I am currently on 1280x768x32 which is not good at all Intel GMA 4500(M)(HD) (Graphics not properlly working yet) Intel 82801IB ICH9 (Audio not working yet) WiFi Link 5300 (not working, I think there is no current kext developed for this one unless someone can advice otherwise) Intel® 82567LM Gigabit Network (have not tested this yet) don't know which kext to use. Could someone please guide me how I can get proper display resolution setup and audio ? Also how can I get the multiple display to work, say if I connect my TV? Intel GMA 4500(M)(HD) Intel 82801IB ICH9 please don't ignore the request, a simple reply will be much appreciated. Thank you
  8. [Install] Dell Latitude E6400 E6500

    Hi ajvos, Thank you very much for your reply and help. It does motivate me actually to keep going. I only have E6400 and the ISOs I am loading using GRUB from a USB stick, they actually load Chameleon (i.e like EasyEFI for example). Now my biggest and main challenge is to find how I can get chameleon to load a Mac OS X installation from a specific partition on my 500GB WD, that way it will be faster and more convienent to install from in case I need to keep modifying the installation files. I thought it would have been solved by adding -v -f rd=disk1s5 but it did not work. I can already load a specific partition from my 500GB WD HD using Generic-Boot-123.iso which is loaded using GRUB but I dont know how to get chameleon to do the same. I also tried pressing F10 but its not listing any extra drives or anything as it should. I am still researching this, if anyone has feedback, please provide some tips. Thanks Chameleon Docs http://forge.voodooprojects.org/svn/chamel...oc/BootHelp.txt I think you are after this distro: SnowOX Universal 10.6.2 , search for it and you will find it.
  9. Hi, I have the same laptopm Latitude E6400 can you please help and explain how you got a vanilla installation working. please have a look at my questions here. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...60#entry1557977 Thanks
  10. [Install] Dell Latitude E6400 E6500

    Hi, sorry for taking sometime to respond, its because I wanted to see how far I can get before I come back with questions. I can boot into Mac OS x installation 10.6.2 fine without issues using the universal snow x hacked kernel for 10.6.2, I did not install the Max OS X yet using the distro because I want to pass the challenge of booting from a vanilla 10.6.3 kernel. I just don't know how I can go about creating a dsdt.aml file for my E6400 just like ajvos did for his E6500. I am assuming thats something I need to do to be able to boot from a vanilla dvd installation, correct? or 1-can I boot from a vanilla 10.6 DVD without the dsdt.aml file? what do I have to do to be able to boot a vanilla dvd installation? I already have a huge collection of all iso's that should allow booting from a retail dvd mac os x such as :- EasyEFIv2.2.iso EmpireEFILegacyv1085.iso EmpireEFIv1085.iso Generic-Boot-123.iso NawcomBootCD.iso Rebel-EFI.iso BootSLv3-No-Wifi.iso BOOT-KABYL-BUMBY.iso etc... I have 3 USBs a 2GB and a 500GB WD Portable , 8GB USB and a Mac OS X 10.6 Retail DVD. the 500GB is broken up into at least 13 or more partitions, each partition has an installation or a different distro of Mac OS x I use the 2GB USB for Grub and booting any of the above ISO which is pretty cool. Then I try to boot from the DVD and it does not work. 2- Also I would like to know what I need to do to be able to boot any of the isos and instead of booting from the DVD, I'd like to boot from a specific partition from my 500GB WD I tried typing in verbos mode: -v hd=disk1s5 (for example) and also rd=disk1s5 but that didn't work, isn't that how I should do it? I am determined to getting this working, so I am reading and searching everywhere. Hi, are you using vanilla kernel as well for 10.6.4? what changes do you need to do to the bios besides changing IRRT to AHCI? Thanks in advance.
  11. [Install] Dell Latitude E6400 E6500

    well I found out it was the mack_kernel, when I changed that it worked and I was able to get to the installer but I was under the impression that I could boot from the MacOSX 10.6.3 vanilla Kernel !!! but it seems that I cannot. I was able to use a hacked mach_kernel from SnowOX Universal 10.6.2 but I need a hacked mach_kernel for 10.6.3 and 10.6.4 when I upgrade. Can someone please tell me where I can get the correct mach_kernel for 10.6.3 for E6400 Thanks, please reply and explain if I should be able to boot from the vanilla kernel .
  12. [Install] Dell Latitude E6400 E6500

    Hi, I really need some help, I have the same laptop Latitude E6400 and I can't boot from either the DVD or from 10.6.3 installtion on a USB I have changed my bios from IRRT to AHCI (This is the only change in the Bios I know of) I have Windows 7 installed. I tried booting from Boot132 CD and then 10.6 DVD and I get the following:- Loading HFS+ File mach_kernel from (Some Number) Loading HFS+ File mach_kernel from (Some Number) I also tried booting from Boot132 on a USB using GRUB and then from a USB Harddrive Snow Leopard Installation 10.6.3 and I get the same results:- Loading HFS+ File mach_kernel from (Some Number) Loading HFS+ File mach_kernel from (Some Number) I tried all different versions of bootable ISOs and I get the same thing. I think maybe there is something in my bios that I need to change to be able to boot from either the DVD or the USB! I also tried cpus=1 and didn't do anything BTW I am able to use the USB installation on another machine. Please help, give me a hint or something, I just want to move forward a little. its Latitude E6400 4GB RAM Core 2 Duo CPU Display: Mobile Intel® Series Express Chipset Family Could someone please share any files that I may need, like DSDT or special Kexts. Thank you.
  13. Thank you for replying Donk, I will keep on searching to get it working natively.
  14. hmm, thanks for reply. Unfourtunatly I don't have VT-x extensions but I am investigating if there is any way around it. Does this also apply if I want to install Mac OS X and run it natively? please help with this question. Thanks
  15. Could someone answer this simple question please, Will I be able to run Mac OS X Leopard on my machine either using VMware or via Real Installation with my current specs? That's all I really need to know for now, and please share any related posts regarding Mac OS X on P4, there are not that many. Clevo D900T Laptop - 32Bit Machine - 1 Processor. CPU::- 3.4GHz 650 (S-LGA775) @ 800MHz-FSB -2MB-Ch- Genuine Intel Pentium 4 with HT Technology Memory:- 2GB/2048MB DDR2-533 RAM Hard Drive:- 2x *SATA* 100GB 5400RPM HDD = 200GB-HDD 500GB Portable WD Graphics:- Geforce 7800-GTX Thanks.