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  1. My progress report: Done and . I finally saw the welcome screen of snow leopard. Thank tweak41 for providing this guide, even newbie like me can install snow leopard. Thank mohnstrudl for giving me the advice. The IOAPIC problem I got comes from the way I mount my three 2GB memory. I didn't put them in slots in the same color. I found out this when I read some other threads in this forum. To gengstapo: I also used this guide and the driver package P6T Essential from awol to install snow leopard on my friend's PC (with Asus P6T). Read through this thread and use that P6T Essential.
  2. Thanks a lot for the guide. I think I might be one step away to a working snow leopard. I got a IOAPIC error when I boot my pc with a usb installation disk. Message I got: .... MRC Framework successfully initialized Using 10485 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers IOAPIC:version 0x20 vector 64:87 IOAPIC:version 0x20 vector 88:111 My system: Asus P6T se(bios 0603), core i7 920, 9800GT 512MB VRAM, 1 SATA hard drive connect to port0 of all sata connector. Bios setting: AHCI, HT enable. the Sata hd is the first one in the boot device list, and the first on in hd device list. The boot usb disk was made by script "2_Boot Prep", when I run the script, the script said it couldn't copy a file named "smbios.plist"(In folder ScriptFiles, there is one smbios2.plist) Sorry my English is not that good. Please give me some advice.