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  1. To add a partition, you just have to use Disk Utility
  2. MACPAR Deluxe do it... Yes ! I burn it with disk utility too.
  3. Just to say that the usenet image is the 9A581. Works fine on my MDD.
  4. Bugs in 9a559

    Just installed iwork trial. Numbers seems to work on my MDD. Very slow (as on Tiger) but it works.
  5. a little birdie tweets - 9A559

    It was from Royksopp. I don't remeber if it was "Eple" or "So Easy"
  6. Leopard Beta

    Yes me too. As soon as I can get it (in October ).
  7. When is Leopard Going to Leak?

    Ohoh, it becomes serious...
  8. Bugs in 9a410

    Just to say that I installed 9A410 on a powermac G4 (MDD to be precise). Apple can't afford to get rid of the G4...
  9. There is the same thing with mp3 + a very nice "à la Front row" animation.... And I notice that the finder play the music in a automatic way.
  10. 9a410 leaked

    Thanks macman88
  11. 9a410 leaked

    Too bad, I missed it.... Is there a way to reach the swarm ?
  12. 9a410 leaked

    The torrent is no longer on the green dragon but it may works with dth.
  13. I wonder what you mean Adrian when you write : "Quicklook has been updated to work EVERYWHERE, including opening Apps."
  14. Can somebody speak or upload a screenshots (maybe a litte movie) about Quicklook ? I'm impatient to see it in action... Thanks.
  15. I wonder if the previous seed had the final a like in 9A377a. Anybody knows the meaning of it ?