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  1. An Open Sourced EFI-X?

    This is all hypothetical. I really don't want to start an EFI-X clone because of fear of Apple's legal department and lack of motivation.
  2. [SELL]Mac Pro Enclosure/Case (Stock) $50!

    How much is shipping?
  3. An Open Sourced EFI-X?

    You say that, but people still bought the EFI-X in loads and I don't recall Apple making a lawsuit against our friends at EFI-X. I think the EFI-X was created to suit users who didn't want to spend hours trying to get their audio/wireless working on their PCs. Newbies to the OSx86 world was probably their target audience with the EFI-X.
  4. An Open Sourced EFI-X?

    The other day, after trying hours and hours to get the Windows Bootloader to play nice with Chameleon I finally gave up. I went and got a USB flash drive and put Chameleon on it to boot up OS X. Perfect! Now to conceal the USB bootloader(Having to keep a USB plugged into the front of your computer to boot your PC gets annoying after a while). I got a USB to header cable off of eBay and some magnets. A few minutes later, my USB bootloader is secured inside of my PC and it's out of my eyesight. That's when I remembered the EFI-X, the magical device that back in 2008 allowed people to turn their PCs into functional Macs. Of course it was revealed that the device was nothing more than a USB flash drive with some nasty security measures put in place to hide that the software was actually stolen open sourced software created by the OSx86 community. Years later, the EFI-X is nothing more than just a memory with the manufacturer trying to disappear into the background. Now to the point - If you had the choice to buy an EFI-X that was more open to development, had better support for hardware and updated itself to provide up-to-date patches for your devices, would you buy one? Essentially your just buying a internal flash drive with Chameleon and a whole load of drivers, but the EFI-X was essentially the same thing and it was a success. Of course I am asking hypothetically since I either have the time nor the patience to buy wholesale internal USB sticks then install Chameleon on each and every one of them.
  5. Try this Click Here Tell me if works
  6. Atheros AR5007EG

    My Computer fails to boot!!! My computer says, "Failed to load extension com.apple.driver.ApplePCPIPCI." It also says, "Extension "com.apple.driver.ApplePCPIPlatform" has immediate dependencies on both com.apple.kernel and com.apple.kpi components; use only one style." I already tryed -v -f PLEASE HELP!!!
  7. Help with Install

    Loading Darwin/x86 bla bla Restart It dosn't show the kernel actions or the gray apple Please Help. Sony vgb-rb48g with intel pentimum 4 and 1gb of ram.