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  1. In case this helps anyone out there, I had a pretty good SL install, but when going to Lion, my ATI 5850 would cause the system to detect a ghost VGA main display. My old 9800GTX+ has no such issues. Turns out Graphics Enabler needs to be set to no, which is now standard in DD's new script but I just ported over my old .plist and in the end lost me half a day til I figured it out. So... 5800 cards + Lion + Graphics Enabler == bad. Carry on...
  2. Fresh off the heels of Apple's sloppy 1.1 update to 10.6.8 (10K549), I used the supplemental update and updated the kexts using DD's script (otherwise audio is re-broken). All a-ok here.
  3. I used a Patriot Xporter XT 8gb (newegg link)
  4. I've had a stab at installing 10.7 on a spare drive. It seems to work just fine. I've got a few quick tips that might help some on their "journey" Using MAJ's 6.06 Hackinstaller script: - I could not get my 8gb flash drive to work as the install boot disk. MBR partition, but the damn thing would reboot before loading the OS. - Using a spare HD as the boot disk works great, just make sure you're not using the Gigabyte SATA ports (the white ones) - My favourite way to check if QE is enabled is to add a widget on dashboard and watch for the ripple effect. Lion by default has dashboard in it's own space now, meaning that the ripple effect is not used. This made me think that QE was off for me. The "trick" is to go to SysPrefs > Mission Control and untick "Show Dashboard as a space". Ripple effect is back! (so just FYI, my 9800GTX+ works great, no gfx kext needed) - And sleep is indeed screwed up, no surprises there. Without sleepEnabler kext the OS doesn't wake up and with the kext it works fine, but a reboot will do a CMOS reset. Oh and @bbchucks, GM = retail. Upgrading to 10.7.1+ in the future should be no problem (as far as the OS goes)
  5. Tried out 10.6.8 on a test hd, looks like they changed quite a lot of stuff. While I can boot into the OS without any problems, ethernet and wifi are not working and the OS is dog slow; beach balls everywhere, 3-6 second delay launching stuff that normally take <0.2s (menu items, spotlight, network prefs, etc) FYI: Using CruiSAr's method with DD's script.
  6. Can confirm update to 10.6.7 was flawless (using CruiSAr's method). No need to touch/change/update anything. Just install the update, reboot, you're good to go! (my gfx card is nVidia) Interesting tho, my kernel version is listed as 10.7.0
  7. Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank all involved in this spectacular effort to keep us all ticking along with our i7's for over two years and counting! Many heart felt thanks especially to Maj and Charles, you guys kick ass. I don't think I'm alone in thinking that we'd be lost without you guys! Manly hugs
  8. Can also confirm update to 10.6.4 went fine using CruiSAr's install. Quick note to those with Mail extensions, Mail has been updated. If your extension doesn't have an update yet, you can follow this, fixes the incompatibility for now.
  9. I had posted earlier about a high frequency noise that comes out of the computer then I do certain things like flip through albums in iTune's coverflow. After many, many BIOS config edits and reboots, I'm happy to report that the issue goes away when you change the CPU vcore from auto to the number displayed. In my case that's 1.29375. I did try with a lower number (1.23) and it also worked. C1E is off, haven't gotten around to testing with it on. Hope it helps some of you guys also afflicted by this nuisance.
  10. Could be, but we have the exact same card, I'm assuming you don't have this issue? On DD's original 10.5 topic, this issue was discussed, and the solution was turning off CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E): http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1058848 Which does do the trick... in 10.5. I've just connected my old 10.5.6 HD and turning C1E on, the problem is there, turning it off, the problem goes away. However, loading 10.6.3 with C1E on/off doesn't make a difference. I can't see why the problem only manifests itself on SL for me. Keep in mind that I'm not entirely sure if you'd be able to hear the noise if you have a stock GPU cooler, noisy fans, etc. It's fairly high frequency so it should pierce through any low freq fan noise but I'm not sure, I've built a very silent hackintosh.
  11. One thing I've come to notice from using CruiSAr's FakeSMC method is that the computer emits this really annoying high frequency hissing noise. It only does it on certain uses, but an easy way to reproduce it is to flip through album covers in iTune's coverflow mode. You'll get a hissing tick for every album flip. Maybe it's tied to the BIOS version (I updated from F5 to F12 at the same time as upgrading from Leo to SL), but I haven't found a way to disable the speedstep option that's usually the culprit. Anyone come across this?
  12. Shuttle SX58H7 installation

    Have you guys tried 10.6.x yet? Wondering if there's anything from the method below you guys could use? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1416253 (I have a full sized i7 OS X 10.6.3 via that method, but will probably be migrating to a shuttle as I need to be more mobile)
  13. I found the problem! Reading d00d's post, it seemed like there were some things that were ethernet port dependant. Which game me the idea to switch ethernet ports. Switched and it's back to working flawlessly. So for the record, using Ethernet 2 (the top port) causes severe speed issues. Using Ethernet 1 (bottom port) is fine. EDIT: Tried your PEX edit, crashed. Thanks again for taking the time to debug this CruiSAr, much appreciated!
  14. No luck. But now that I'm pretty sure what's causing the problem (the DSDT file), I'm gonna poke around d00d's thread and see if anything can be found. Thanks for the help CruiSAr, much appreciated! If you run into any solution gimme a poke.