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  1. Booptorsshego

    System 7.5.2 CD for 7500/8500 wanted

    I need the latest system version available for the MacSE. But, I have 0.00 and the mac only reads 800k disks. Is there a solution to this?
  2. Booptorsshego

    Feature Requests

    hmmmm so does that mean we shouldnt submit it in the feature requests forum or we should submit it in both places or only submit it there once people think its cool in here? and at aeal5566 completely ignoring this whole post and posting his feature request here
  3. Booptorsshego

    Advice Needed on Digital Camera Purchase

    want to know the truth? They still are not QUITE up to film.. Until I can set it up to take a pic the why I see it... Adjusting being able to adjust vibrancy, and other options ON the camera, insted of using a computer.. FILM will still beat it. but film is dying a FAST death. Digital is FAST and instant..
  4. Booptorsshego

    iPC 10.5.6 Install on a DP43TF Problems

    I have several 10.4.9 images. None of which see my SATA drives. I have a Intel chipset if i am not mistaken. I think the problem might be that i dont have a spare empty full drive to install it on and that it isnt formatted or blank and ready to roll.
  5. Booptorsshego

    Broadcom 570x and 575x

    Youve probably already checked, but are you getting link when you plug in your cable? Have you tried using another piece of cat5? Based on your troubleshooting thats where I would look first.
  6. Booptorsshego

    iPhone Hardware Specifications

    For those who are interested, iPhone will be out in the US on June 29 Has anyone in the Europe UK or Asia found out anymore info on their release dates?