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  1. hi, I have osx 10.4.6 installed on my intel pc, and was wondering how I can get my integrated sound to work. I have an intel 865 chipset. Thanks, Slusher
  2. Overheating?

    hello, I have just installed Mac OS x86 10.4.6 on my dell pc and it seems to be overheating. i have noticed that my northbridge and my hard drive heat up a pretty significant amount. at one time, the computer just shut off by itself while I was in OSX. the only thing that I can think of is that I'm overheating. Is there a way to fix this software-wise? I remember when reinstalling windows I had a similar problem untill i got a chipset driver. Is there a way to fix my high temps? thanks, slusher (i'm running a p4 3.0GHz northwood with an intel 865 northbridge. ICH5 southbridge.)
  3. HFS+ partition error

    Hello, I installed osx on my intel based machine, and it has all of the required components. Upon booting, i get an error that says HFS+ partition error. I dont know how to resolve this. my version is 10.4.6, and i'm pretty new to this. does anyone know what to do?