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  1. I've got the newer Intel Core i7-2720QM, and 10.6 "gold master" installed just fine, but after I updated to 10.6.7 I ran into the "CPU disabled" issues. Your cpuid tweak worked perfectly, thanks! I guess Apple is saving my specific model for "support" in Lion, or they're going to skip it and go straight for the Ivy Bridge. Cheers!
  2. Input Remapper 0.9.17 Beta

    Ok, first off, thanks for the awesome program. Exactly what the doctor ordered. Now to the problem: Fast User Switching. Any time I log into a second user account at the same time as the first, internal keyboard/mouse stop functioning. External work fine (that's how I am typing this message! ) Final note: they work again after reboot. I think it's because a second instance is loaded for the new user, and it somehow conflicts with the original. Thanks again for the awesome work.