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  1. Hi I tryd booth version's it does not work for me Same ErrorMessage...
  2. Hi Folks ! Is iCloud working for you ? At my machine i can not use it... KeMi
  3. So i can use autoupdate ? and it will work ?
  4. Good question... No one any experiens on that ?
  5. kemi01

    iCloud - can't create account

    Does not work for me...
  6. Hi All I have a Problem, i just wanted to install iTunes with the auto update function. After the reboot i realiced that 10.7.2 was installed too... now im scared to reboot the machine... What can i do to be sure that the system comes back on again ? Thanks KeMi
  7. Hi Andy Yeah it does, its a card for os x and it works now, had to re-install the driver and it works now. But having a new problem, but it seams this probem is one that caused by the controller... i cant boot the machine when i have a RAID configured, when i delet the RAID then the machine just boots nice... i have to look into it. Thanks KeMi
  8. kemi01

    [SOLVED] Highpoint RocketRAID 2721

    Hi All I Solved the prblem by just installing the driver again... KeMi
  9. HI All Have someone on his board a second pci-express card running, like a raid controller ? i cant get my card working, i guess the second pci-express slot is not working in Lion, with this installation!? KeMi
  10. Hi All I cannot get my new HighPoint RockedRAID 2721 RaidController to work... Here my setup: Asus Sabertooth P67 Core i7 2600k 1. PCIe Slot: GeForce 9800GT 2. PCIe Slot: RockedRaid 2721 Controller OS X 10.7 installed with Andy's boot cd The controller does not show up on the system info. I have installed the driver from the Highpoint page but it dosent work... Any idea ? KeMi PS. sorry about my bad english !
  11. hi all for me all just worked fine, thanks for that. i have only one little problem, iTunes dosent work, it crashes after a few seconds... and i have no idea why. i tryed the new 10.5 beta2 and the old one from the apple page, but it dosent work did anyone get the onboard raid controller get working on os x ? KeMi