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  1. I think I may have solved this problem, at least if you are on an AMD system. I ran Marvin's AMD utility on /System/Library/Quicktime and patched the CPUID in quicktimecompontents.component and it seems to have fixed the crashing.
  2. Leopard random restarts?

    I don't even have a screensaver on this thing. Never sleeps, never shuts off the monitor, hard disks always on. I am currently using the Modbin 9.3.0 kernel, but was using the ToH 9.2.0 before. Same problem. My power button sleep option is not checked, although I am not quite sure if maybe it should be. This is really starting to bug me, it makes no sense.
  3. Leopard random restarts?

    Ok, well, I am running Leopard, specifically Leo4allv2 that I have updated to 10.5.3 including the kernel. I have tried different kernel versions, and it seemed to do this before I updated. I have tried just about everything I can to figure this out, but so far I am lost. Everything seems to run perfectly fine, but although I have never seen it actually happen, the system appears to restart itself when I am not around. When I come back to it, all my programs have quit and the uptime counter has reset. I leave the thing on all the time, but I have never seen my uptime past 4 hours. This is an AMD SSE3 system, nForce 4 chipset, and I am curious if there are any known issues. I can't seem to find any information on this anywhere. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Does anyone know if leopard uses hyperthreading correctly? I tired searching for it to no avail. I am running on a 3ghz prescott and I noticed Intel recommends disabling HT on windows 2000 despite it being multiprocessor capable. After turning it off as a test, my Xbench score jumped from 79 to 95. I am a bit curious as I thought leopard was built to use HT on the Mac Pro's Xenon's. Thanks