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  1. Definitly not. Installed Nvidia Driver with enabled SIP and changed after that back to 0x67 and everything is fine.
  2. can you upload the vanilla version of applegraphicscontrol? i just overwrited it :/ i also use an old hfs+ partition EDIT: repaired permissions wirh kext wizard doesnt change anything Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  3. thx, but it doesnt wortk for me. do i have to rename it to another name or just leave it like dummyapple...kext? i put it in /L/E like you said, NOT to /S/L/E what chmod number is the right for repairing the permissons? My SystemProfiler says that all the DummyAppleGraphicsDevicePolicy, AppleGraphicsControl and AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy couldn't be loaded... I added screenshots.
  4. I'm using an iMac17,1 for my Skylake i7-6700. I tried using lilu and the nvidiagraphics fix but it doesnt work Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  5. i just did this, and now i got a black screen but withour reboot. i deleted the AppleGraphicsControl.kext, used yours from page1 and repaired permissions. Now in system profiler --> extensions the nv driver and the applegrphicscontrol are loaded but nothing changed. I only can boot with nv_web=0 put with poor graphics. maybe theres a difference between the gtx1060 and your gtx1080ti. i will try to use lilubeta and the nvidia blackscreen fix that i used in sierra when i'm back home.
  6. yes, i used the nvidia web driver updater and patched it wirh 17A, now the nvidia app says that the web driver is loaded but there is no resolution and system information says now "Nvidia Card 7MB". Clover is setup to enable the nvidia webdriver. I copied the AppleGraphicsControl.kext uploaded by @fabiosun at page 1 to my /Library/Extensions. System Profiler --> Extensions says that the Webdriver.kext is not loaded because of wrong rights.. any idea? Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  7. hey guys, I installed the patched installer on my clean high Sierra installation but I got this error. tried with nv_web enabled and disabled, system informations says "Display 7MB". card is an GTX 1060. any help? thanks!
  8. ok danke, ich werde es testen wenn ich es installiert habe. danke nochmal gruß felix
  9. hi zusammen, bevor ich jetzt anfange die snowleopard dvd zu saugen, kann mir jemand sagen ob nach der installation des "GA-P35-DS4 Snow Pack.pkg" auch IDE funktioniert, da ich noch eine 200gb ide festplatte im rechner habe gruß felix