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  1. Mountain Lion is Out, Can someone post the guide to install it?
  2. The Mountain Lion is coming http://www.apple.com/macosx/mountain-lion/ get ready.
  3. Thanks, I already try to install using your guide but when I insert the snow leopard DVD it shows an error message "kernel doesn't match" or something like that, what can I do? do you have a link or torrent to download the correct retail DVD? the one tha I have is working perfect on any mac computer.
  4. Hi, I have almost the exact configuration that you have, the only difference is the Graphics card I have a Nvidia GTX 280 1GB DDR3, does this card work with it?
  5. Nvidia Gtx 280

    Are you sure is working 100%, in your mac info does it show thar supports Quartz Extreme? Cause i have a GTX 280 working fine but not 100%, for example download ZUMA game and try to play it in full screen, the systems freezes, I have Iatkos S3, on Iatkos V7 it was 100% but no in this one.
  6. Actualizar Iatkos v7 a Iatkos S3 V2

    Definitivamente no funciona actualizar de Iatkos V7 a Iatkos S3 V2, se reinicia y no hace nada, en cuanto a la istacion en limpio es todo un problema, no funciona, cuando logro que instale completamente al reiniciar no funciona y con -f -v me dice algo como Panic (CPU1 OXFFFFFFFetc):"A KEXT releasing a(n) OSArray algo asi y no deja arrancar, y luego la mayoria de veces se reinicia faltando 10 o 9 mins para completar la instalacin, en definitiva Iatkos S3 V2 no funciona para mi, y es ilogico ya que la version V7 me funcionaba perfectamente con actualizaciones y todo, entonces no etiendo se supone que esta version mas nueva deberia instalar mas facil y no es asi. No se que mas hacerle. Va a tocar quedarse con la V7 que mal no poder instalar el Snow. Mi hardware: Intel DX38BT Proc. Q9650 6 GB RAM Corsair DDR3 Nvidia GTX 280 1GB D.D. 500 GB
  7. I had installed Iatkos V7 with updates working perfectly and all, even printer and scanner, network, sound, everything. But when I try to install Iatkos S3 it does not work, first times the installation complete succesfully but in first re start it freezes, now is re starting without complete the installation the screen shows 10 minutes to finish and the systems re starts, this has hapend three times. Now is worst it freezes loading the installer. My hardware Intel DX38BT - Processor Intel Q9650 - 6GB DDR3 Corsair - Nvidia GTX 280 EVGA