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  1. YES!!! That did it man! Thank you so much! :-)
  2. Mobo: GA-X58A-UD3R CPU: XEON X5650 Successfully upgraded from Sierra to High Sierra. I have 3 drives on this box. A small SDD for the main system, another drive for all my data and a third drive with a bootable backup of my previous Sierra in case things get messy with High Sierra. That backup disk has its own bootable EFI partition with Clover. The issue: After upgrading to High Sierra the backup Sierra disk doesn't initialize. I get the message "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer", and hitting initialize doesn't seem to do anything. The drive shows up on clover at boot, and the Sierra backup boots just fine. I'm wondering if High Sierra has any additional protections that are preventing the partitions to mount (like detected previous system files or maybe the other drive EFI boot partition). Diskutil can see the HD as disk2, but doesn't show any of the partitions. I never had this issue previously on Sierra, Yosemite or any other previous OSX. The other disk with just data (no EFI or system files) is showing up fine instantly, so I really don't believe it is a driver issue. Any clue of what might be causing this, and more importantly, how to solve it? Thanks, folks!