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  1. Yeah, devmode is key here. He said he was in devmode via SuperDocker, but thanks for the tip for other people, i should've mentioned the terminal line also: I can post my edited Google Search widget if anyone wants it. It's just a monochrome edit, no big deal, but someone might want it
  2. In dashboard, click and hold a widget and hide the dashboard (F12 for me) while still holding it. Let it go on the desktop. To put a desktop widget back in the dashboard, do the same in reverse (cilck and hold widget, show dock, let go)
  3. Greyness. -Wallpaper from Deviantart -Blend Icons (plus iTunes vinyl icon and Camino icon from DeviantArt) -Custom Google Search dashboard widget (dash in Developer mode so the widget can be on desktop) -Adium menubar icon/menu/dock icon -Magnifique theme (Metal Muku) -Coversutra in menubar with album art on desktop -Safari style buttonbar in Camino (not in screenshot) -Awesome All this on an HP dv6235us laptop with self-installed Dell 1490 wifi card (no, camera doesn't work) Any questions, ask me! :3 (as to how I launch apps without a cluttered dock, I abuse Spotlight. cmd+space then the first 2 or 3 or whatever letters of an app then enter/return)
  4. bump for great justice!
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    HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    I created my own thread but didn't get any useful reply... I have a dv6235us, Intel. I've tried to use iDeneb and iPC (I understand iPC is better for intel), but the problem is I can't get the dvd to boot to install. I've selected my dvd drive as first boot device in BIOS, and even select the dvd drive from the ESC (choose boot device) option at boot-up... All I get is a blinking _, the dvd spins up, then my laptop continues booting as normal (either GRUB with my linux hd in, or No Operating System Found with my blank hd in). The problem is NOT with the dvd itself, it boots just fine in the 4 desktops I've tried it on and I've reburned it several times. My dvd drive is not generally faulty either. I can read/write cd's and dvd's just fine. Linux cd's boot, Windows cd's boot. My dvd drive is a DS8AZH A Slimtype. Has anyone else had any trouble getting an osx86 dvd to boot on this drive?? Suggestions, solutions?
  6. All guides I've seen are for using Disc Restore in OSX and then installing chameleon.... Is there any way to accomplish the Disc Restore/installing of Chameleon to the USB drive with linux? I don't have access to a computer running OSX or OSX86...
  7. As i said, the dvd is fine. The disc boots in the 4 other pc's I've tried it on. I've even started an install on a desktop, WITH THE SAME DISC. On my laptop, DVD is set as primary boot device. Also, I've hit ESC to select DVD to boot from, at POST screen. Laptop DVD drive is not in general faulty, it will read/write discs just fine. I can boot a Windows/Linux install cd with it fine. It's just the osx86 dvd's that I can't boot. I guess I need some way to make a bootable osx86 USB stick out of an iso, WITHOUT having osx already. All guides I've found use Disc Restore in OSX to do it, but I don't have access to a mac/hackintosh. That, or an external DVD drive...but I don't feel a need to buy hardware just for this pet project.
  8. I have an HP DV6235us that I've been trying to get osx86 on for days. I've tried iDeneb and iPC, neither will boot the Darwin loader to install on my laptop. I've changed boot order in BIOS, even hit ESC during boot to select DVD drive to boot from. No luck. There will be a blinking underscore for a few seconds, I hear the dvd spin up, then its straight to GRUB (if i have my linux hd in) or straight to No Operating System Found (if i have a blank hd in). The discs are fine, they boot perfectly in other desktops I've tried. I think it's down to my DVD drive.... I have a DS8AZH A slim dvdrw drive. Anyone have suggestions/solutions?