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  1. About This Mac Screenshots

    I envy you.
  2. Settings won't remain

    Ok, I found 2 logs in the CrashReporter directory, not sure if this will help And also
  3. Settings won't remain

    Ok, so I followed a guide on here which involved going into Audio MIDI setup to get audio to work. It says that you have to open a little window and select channels 3 for the front left speaker and 6 for the front right. Well, when I do that, everything works until I close the window. As soon as I close the Audio MIDI setup window, the settings revert back to their original settings. Even though I clicked Apply.
  4. [How To] More than most likely fix any soundmax audio

    Okay, I've done all that and when I click apply (I did hear sound), close the window and re-open it, I see that it's back to left front 1 and right front 2.