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  1. It can work. I highly recommend finding d00d's guide to the slightly later Gigabyte EX58-UD5 motherboard. Using DSDTSE application as d00d suggests, you can start with your own fresh DSDT.dsl file. Before you do that, however, I would update your BIOS to version 10 -- this worked well for me. Then follow d00d's directions to modify your DSDT.dsl and then compile from within DSDTSE. His thread is can be found in the Genius forums under "GA-EX58 and GA-EX58-UD5 DSDT native power management modifications..." The only step that doesn't seem to work on my UD4P is step #5, which is relevant for over-clocking but not essential. I can't get the DSDT.aml file to compile using his step #5, so I left that one out. You end up with very few Kexts in your Chameleon Extras folder. I also used the latest guide from Digital Dreamer and the Aserin replacement for Chameleon works great. Don't use d00d's DSDT.aml file on your X58-UD4P as it won't work. I think d00d has put together the single best tutorial that I have found on this site, though Digital Dreamer does really great work, too. Using the files in Digital Dreamers 10.6.2 guide for a different Gigabyte board and d00d's guide, you don't need to mess with EFI strings for video and ethernet. You do need the ALC kext for sound to work. Read your guide to see what sound chip you have, then find the right Kexts. I tried this a few months ago and this time was so much easier. All hail the d00d!
  2. d00d -- can you insert a before and after shot of this (removing BuiltInHDA key section) as with the rest of your code changes? Also, I downloaded and opened your posted DSDT file to compare with mine (UD4P) and I do not see the CPU changes listed in step #5. Has step #5 been modified or since been made obsolete by a later BIOS from GigaByte? Just point me to the thread # if I missed this. Thanks for a great guide. I'm running i7 920 on a Gigabyte EX58-UD4P and am down to a few small tweaks in 10.6.2 to get everything perfect. Thanks.