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  1. Has anyone installed Lion succesfully to HP 550 with Celeron? I happened to have iAtkos L2 so I decided to test it but the installer just ends up booting to a blank screen. By the way, thanks for a great thread that made installing SL to HP 550 extremely easy. UPDATE: Looks like it occurs with 10.6.8 as well, well at least now I have proper logs.
  2. Here's the download for latest tools for Darwin. The package is for Fusion but it might work for Vmware Workstation. Build number:184177 Edit: Censored due to betas
  3. I found this one. Haven't tested but strings inside show "xnu-1456", so it is version 10. http://cid-8b65993ef55cf014.skydrive.live....ow%2010a432.rar
  4. Latest Vmware Workstation preview (Linux & Windows) has these in the executable. I don't have a suitable Snow Leopard ISO so cannot test. Edit: Wow, my first post after three years from joining Edit: Leopard installation at least started and Vmware didn't complain about darwin10-64.