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  1. Phunczz's G5 Homage Project

    Phunczz, I have to say your build looks absolutely great! I'm planning on doing something very similar to what you've done; storage server with a hotswap rack for drives. Where did you find the rails for the drive screws to rest in? More specifically, where did you find anodized rails? I've been looking around at local hardware stores but everything I'm seeing is brushed aluminum, as opposed to anodized. Also, how wide is the whole rack assembly?
  2. Just a heads up to terrorgen. I found a USB3.0 hub that uses right angle ports. Unfortunately I can't find where they were obtained from or any sort of schematic for it but, with some effort, it's possible to desolder the ports from the hub and measure out the pin positions to add it to one of these boards. Food for thought...
  3. Beautiful job! I'm blown away. As I myself am nearing completion of my own G4 build, I have a couple of questions that I'm hoping you could help me with. First, you said that you kept the original front power/reset switch. Could you provide me the pinout that you used to make it work with your mobo? I found a few how-to's online but they're not working for me. Second, what did you use to cut out the motherboard support holes in the plastic internal latch? I tried drilling the holes, but ended up cracking the thinner part near the top. Now I have to hunt down a new one online *grumblemumble*. Thanks for any support you can provide, and again phenomenal job.
  4. Hey all, or any of you interested to look this way. I'm 95% done with modding out a PowerMac G4 Graphite and thought I'd share my progress so far. This is my first mod build, so it's definitely been a learning experience. Ultimately, I'm planning to turn it into an uber-storage media server. I don't have the cash for the HDD's and a RAID card now but I was anxious to start work on the case, so I'm just doing the computer part now. I'm using a Zotac Micro-ITX IONITX-F-E board. Could have gone with a more basic Atom board, but this is the only one I found that has a full PCI-e slot for a good RAID card to put in. It fits really nicely in the case, plenty of room. It's also short enough so that it doesn't get in the way of the disk drive case, which I've seen has been a problem for other people who have put PC boards in this case. Like I said before, this will ultimately be a giant storage machine. I'm planning on fitting 8 drives connected to a RAID card in a 10 array. I hunted down 3 extra dual HDD trays to eventually fit them all. The 2 at the bottom are dead drives in place just to get a feel for fitting everything in. 6 drives will go along the bottom and the last 2 will be above the optical drive. Also, I put a 2.5" drive in the Zip tray to use as the boot drive. As I said, the final 2 HDDs above the optical drive. I cut out 2 square holes at the top of the case so it will fit in like they do at the bottom. The back I/O panel was definitely the hardest part. Took a lot of careful measuring and a little eyeballing, but I got everything in straight and lined up so the expansion card will fit in. The wifi antenna is supposed to go at the very bottom under the audio ports, but as you can see the outer case is blocking it. Luckily, there was a screw hole from where the original modem screwed in. I was able to widen it a bit and it fits the antenna perfectly. Also, I'm using an Antec Earthwatts 500 PSU. Overkill on the wattage, I know, but it's the exact same dimensions as the original PSU and the cord plug lines up perfectly as well. Front of the case. The LED fan shines through the speaker grill, looks pretty nice I think. I'm thinking of putting a LED in the little apple at the top; I've seen it in a few other builds and it looks good. And the special touch, hidden fan controller. As this is going to be a server machine, it wont be hooked up to a display most of the time, so I figure having some sort of system control is a good idea. That's the system running at idle, and the temperature is from a sensor that I placed under the heat sink. As you can see, it runs nice and cool at idle. Whelp. That's what I've got so far. I'm planning on doing some minor tweaks (swap out some cables for longer ones for better cable routing, add another fan for airflow), but it's pretty much set for now. I just got this up and going last night. Threw Windows 7 on it just to see how it ran, nice and smooth. I'll probably try throwing OSX on it when I get some more free time, just to make it an authentic Hackintosh. I'd appreciate any thoughts or suggestions from any of you; things I could improve, things to think of for next time. Thanks!
  5. I've tried several times to upgrade to 10.6.3, but every time I do i lose my video. the boot process seems to go through fine, but then it just stops at a black screen and a cursor. If anyone knows why this would be and how to get around it I'd appreciate it. Alas, for now I'm sitting at 10.6.0. Also, has anyone tried optical audio out? It shows up as an option in the sound prefpane, but nothing comes out my speakers when I select it. Just curious. Thanks all
  6. Hey all, I also wanted to express my everlasting gratitude to Juiceman and User for their help, you've both made a world of difference. Question to anyone who knows. I've never bothered messing with the EFI strings for my GPU, first time I booted up the NVInject was able to pick up my card with accel graphics and dual screen so I figured don't fix if it's not broke. Only thing is that in Sys Profiler it shows up as a Dummy Nvidia with 256 VRAM, while the card really has 896 onboard. The question is, is the system using the card at full power or is it throttling my GPU because I don't have the proper info? And as a followup, which is a more painless GPU install; the EFI strings or the Chameleon graphics enabler that User just mentioned? Also, somewhat off topic, but worth noting in my opinion. Intel just released a BIOS update a few weeks back. If you're like me and don't check regularly (I hadn't updated in about 6 months, missed 2 revisions) Intel's made some very nice improvements. It looks much nicer, feels a little more well laid-out, and even has a pre installed profile for clocking the RAM to 1600 if you've got some higher end chips. Installs easy and doesn't effect your Mac install. Link is Here if you're interested. Just thought I,d throw it out there
  7. HALP! I don't know what happened but my system no longer boots the Chameleon loader. It goes - \ | / - \ | and freezes. All I did is add a secondary optical drive and a slave HDD for storage. I moved the drives to different bays and the cabling may have gotten changed to where the boot drive is connected to a different SATA port, but that shouldn't matter, should it? I tried doing a fresh install on a spare HDD and that doesn't boot either. Please, if anyone knows what happened or can lend some suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.
  8. did you do the standalone update and reinstall the kexts before restarting? i removed the sleepenabler and installed via software update and it panics on startup now. Hoo-Ray! Never mind, I figured it out for myself. Was able to install the newer kexts remotely and it booted up fine after that. Yay for up to date system! And it only took me until right before 6.3 will be released. Better late then never. Thanks anyway, Fluffy.
  9. Glad to hear your system is finaly up and running. Have you tried the 6.2 upgrade yet? First time I tried I broke my install. Then I had no time to work on it for a few months. I just got my system up and running again and it works so well that I really don't want to mess with it.
  10. I am currently posting this from my freshly updated 10.6.1 /extra install, so i can testify that you are in fact able to install any and all updates once you get everything installed and working.
  11. Linksys WMP600N Dualband PCI WIFI CARD

    hey, i stumbled upon this thread a few months ago when i was shopping around for parts for a new build. i can vouch for the fact that the card and driver both work smoothly in Snow Leopard. the only issues i've found is that the Ralink utility is a bit laggy on response, but once you set a profile for your network it'll connect on its own so you dont need to bother with it after that. also, i cant seem to figure out how to have the utility start minimized, it always pops up on startup no matter the settings. as for the broken link, i think that Ralink just reorganized their site so the link posted is just no longer valid. i just did a google for Ralink and found the proper driver on their site in the software section. for you lazy people the new link is here: http://www.ralinktech.com/support.php?s=3 the 2860, third one down. good luck to any of you that have had problems so far, hope this helps
  12. SUCCESS! finally got everything up and working! audio, ethernet, graphics, well graphics i never did the updated EFI string so it doesnt display the proper model in about this mac, but it gives me dual display and full accel. graphics so im not gonna mess. Thanks so much to everyone for your help. The new audio kexts juiceman provided still didnt work for mine oddly enough, but after countless tries scrounging around different boards and trying different versions i found one that worked for me, I'm attaching it in case anyone else has been having such problems. i just used the b7 kext helper to install. to make sure it installed correctly i deleted the three files from S/L/E, repaired permissions, installed, repaired permissions again and then rebooted. dont know if you need to do it but id do it that way to stay on the safe side. hope this helps anyone else that was having audio woes working audio - Working_Audio_Kexts.zip
  13. ive got my install up and running on an MBR. for a while i even had a multi boot system on a macbook with MBR
  14. oh, one other thing that i forgot to menton. When i reformatted the drive in disk util i formatted to a MBR. I know GUID you can resize and move and all, but i know i wont. i was having some boot 0 issues when i did the GUID format as well.
  15. ok, im sure youve gone over this many times over, but just a quick a few questions: - in the bios, are the HDDs set to AHCI? if not this will cause the boot 0 error - are you trying to install from the DVD or an iso? - are you installing from a secondary computer or a second hard drive on the same computer, and if so what distro - is the HDD youre installing SL on totally blank or are there other partitions on it? it should still work regardless of most of this, but im just trying to figure out what might be going on oh, one other thing. when i run the script i dont click 1 to run the whole setup automatically, i do 2-6 individually, making sure they finish before starting the next. when i ran 1 the first few times it had started the SL installer in 4 but the script went right on to 5 to install kexts, didnt see any, went to 6 and tried to run dsdt patcher, all before i had installed the os