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  1. Lenovo B570

    Hello everybody, I have a Lenovo B570 laptop, and followed this guide, so I have an almost fully functional OSX machine. HD3000, Soundcard, Ethernet, Wifi are functional. I have a problem with mouse and touchpad scroll, it is inverted so I have to scroll upwards if I want to scroll down. BTW B570 has a built-in fingerprint reader, is there any chance to use it?
  2. DSDT Patcher

    Ok, I managed to get rid of my kernel panics, the source of the problem was the VoodooHDA.kext. I've tried a lot of version of VoodooHDA, but non of them worked. My audio is working with a DSDT mod, and legacyalc883 kext. The only problem is that my wireless lan card is not supported, so I want to buy a new one but I don't know which. Can you recommend me something working with original kexts? (I mean fully supported by OSX)
  3. DSDT Patcher

    System specs: Fujitsu Siemens AMILO PI2515 laptop computer 2 Gb DDR2 RAM Intel T7300 CPU An external USB HDD 160Gb Intel GMA X3100 VGA Realtek ALC 883 audio with optical audio out Installed kexts: VoodooHDA.kext VoodooPS2controller.kext VoodooPS2tarckpad.kext AppleHDA10.6.2.kext FakeSMC.kext OpenHaltRestart.kext And I'm using a 10.6.2 Mac OSX SL with original vanilla kernel. I hope it will help.
  4. DSDT Patcher

    Ok, I've posted the screenshot as you requested, sorry for the bad quality...
  5. DSDT Patcher

    Thank you for your work kizwan, I've tried it, but I always get some kind of kernel panic while using it. (I use a 10.6.2 SL with original vanilla kernel)
  6. DSDT Patcher

    Hello, I'm having trouble when trying to compile the DSDT.aml file, I've tried with a lot of DSDT compilers as well as manually but nothing helped. I get 7 errors during compile. Can somebody help me? I've attached the DSDT.dsl file and I've done the RTC fix on it. dsdt.zip