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  1. VooDooHDA Volume Control/Mute Quickfix

    thanks works fine anyone found solution to automatically hide the icon from menu bar?
  2. I have f**** it all up yesterday. I was trying to delete leopard partition and convert snow to be the first and boot partition, but Disk Utilities doesn't do that apparently Tried to install Leopard to USB flash hoping I can run it straight from flash but it didnt happen too. Now I am happy XP user again UPDATE: After formatting both hard drives and moving things here and there i got it right and have SN working beautifully, with sound and everything with exception of CMOS resets, i dont really understand how to fix DSDT, is any other easier ways rather then editing it manually? Patch or kexts maybe?
  3. Eliade, thank you buddy it worked. Replaced the boot as you suggested and it worked. I had to use terminal though as it was giving me error about hidden files when trying to copy over. Im not sure if the sound and everything works, but i got the welcome screen with flying greetings and right after this a message that my keyboard ist connected, its time change it as its still PS/2 Anyway thats a big step and I appreciate your help. Is any way to make PS/2 work before i buy a new one? The second part about moving and copying I haven't tried, I installed Leopard only couple days ago as I read it was necessary for installing Snow Leopard, ones i got it running i will remove this partition, do I still need to make any changes as you proposed? UPDATE: Found some kexts and got my keyboard working however there is no sound, no high resolution, nothing Will try to work it out now. Attaching kexts for the people with the PS/2 problem. UPDATE2: I copied extra from Snow to Leo partition as there wasnt any and it all started to work great including video, ethernet and sleep, but not sound. How come they are so connected. If I delete leo partition now will I have any problems using Snow? I dont know after what happened now and to fix my sound issue is it mean that i have to fix it in both versions now? Archive.zip
  4. I think I have to go and read much more than I already did about everything. Basically I have two hard drives, 1 with XP on it and the second with iDenebs Leopard. I'm booting with Leopard, using its disk tool to make a new partition on the same drive, installing Snow on this partition, doing all the changes required. Rebooting with Leopard drive but using Snow Leopard partition to boot. Am I doing everything wrong? Thank you for your reply, Eliade.
  5. Hi guys. Thank you d00m42 for the nicely written instruction so start with, however im getting KP with the 1st boot, have tried everything several times with the same result. My setup is UD3LR, GTS 250, 2x 640 WD BLACK CAVIAR, 4gb pc-1066 Im booting with iDeneb's Leopard, then installing Snow as you described and booting with -v -32 flags , but getting this KP all the time I made a picture in portrait mode if its not enough i'll make a full screen one. Please give me direction where to dig, Im total noob in Macs I have to mention. Ive attached the screen picture with the problem, thanks in advance.