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  1. Hi folks, I almost search the entire Internet (TM & ©2009) for a solution, but unfortunately, I did not find any glue to my problem. I have a ASUS Rampage II Extreme mainboard with 2 Marvell 88e8056 network cards on it. My system is running Snow Leopard 10.6 (Retail) without any problems. The only last thing I have to accomplish is to get my network card running. Is there somewhere or somehow a solution for running the network card in 64 Bit on Snow Leopard? I tried already to patch the plist of SKGE and IONetworkfamily, but no success so far. Any advice? UPDATE After searching and trying different search keys on Google, I managed to find a good KEXT for my problem. You should download and install the following DMG: IONetworkFamily.KEXT
  2. Hi Barshad, thank you for your indepth installation guide. Unfortunately this doesn't work for me. Maybe you missed something or I got it somehow / somewhere wrong. Here is in short what I did: - BIOS (Version 1406) is running with HT and all Cores enabled. - My SATA HD is connected to the JMicron Controller and running in AHCI Mode - My DVD drive is (unfortunately) an IDE and is also running on the JMicron Controller. But all OSX86 distros worked (installation / setup) so far without any problems. I think, installing from an SATA or IDE drive is absolutely not important... imho - I started the installation procedure with the flags "-v mach_970 cpus=1" (without the quotes) - formated the SATA HD with GUID and Mac Journaled - At the customization stage: I deselected everything and selected all the parts described in your guide - After finishing the installation procedure: I started my Windows 7 RTM (running on ICH RAID mode) and copied the DSDT.aml file to the main root of the OSX HD / partition, which was provided by your RAR pack. (One small side note: I had to switch the HD SATA (Mac drive) to IDE Mode, since my Windows 7 did not recognize the drive at all. After the DSDT.aml copy procedure, I switched the Controller to AHCI again) And now here is the problem: When my PC boots up Cameleon v2, then I start OSX with the flag "-v" (without the quotes) and after about 10 seconds and may rows of all kind of system message, my PC hangs up at the line: system uptime in nanoseconds: xxxxxxx How did you get pass this line? I waited for about 10-15 minutes with no reactions of the system. Any idea or does anybody else experience this same problem? I would appreciate help on this matter. Kind regards X-eQutR