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    Semthex's Propaganda

    If Apple had never switched to Intel chips giving people the desire and opportunity to warez and hack OS X, the OSx86 scene would have never been born. Which in turn means this site would have never been here since even if its a general mac site now, it was made off osx86project.org. So while you aren't standing on the street selling DVD-Rs with JaS.DVD burned on them, the desire to hack OS X to run on normal PCs is what started this place. Star
  2. Star

    InsanelyMac is for sale

    You are welcome. I feel your original statement saying you felt as if we weren't willing to talk with sHARD is the main reason I replied to this thread. You admit here he was making statements on his own. His "take it or leave it" additude towards what he wanted, combined with telling every op in the room they were all expendable and didn't matter, is why we saw no point in trying hard to make things work. No matter what your opinion of Kal is, I felt that sort of labeling us as being the ones not willing to "work with someone" wasn't correct, so I replied to it. Star
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    InsanelyMac is for sale

    WHO DARES SUMMON ME?! on a more serious note, hello Mash, I'm kinda flattered you seem as annoyed with me as Kal when I haven't posted more than a handfull of messages here since the site was made, nor even made contact with you since you left r-type, but I would like to counterpoint some of your words about me. You are right I didn't care a whole lot for the site. It was nothing personal as I rarely post anything to any forums. I prefer IRC or other forms of IM communication, thus I stayed on IRC and if I could help out people I did. For the claim of "always causing problems" as I said earlier, once #osx86 left r-type I never followed you anywhere and caused any issues. At one point near the end of the room's time on r-type I did request to be promoted to a sop. This was done because the number of ops was going down fast, so we needed to be able to promote others to aop, and set akicks for frequent problem users. Neither of these were possible with you and sHARD rarely showing up. The only thing I did on IRC that could even be considered "causing problems" was walking out on the room when I (Along with many other ops at the same time.) felt it was pointless to continue. So yes I will admit to doing that. Regarding the part with sHARD, he made it VERY clear the network was going to bend to his rules by letting him link servers and requiring us filter our users and rooms so only ones he approved of were able to see anything from "his servers". Or he was, as he said, going off to start a new network and taking #osx86 with him. This was all way before anyone stopped moderating the room. "Working things out" with him would have ment drasticly changing the network to give him control, which I was not willing to do as I felt the network comes first before the demands of any user or room. It might supprise you, but no I don't hate you, and I'm not here to post on either side of the debate about you selling the site. If you want to feel angry at me thats fine and your right to, but I personally don't hate you. I only posted since you mentioned me and I wanted to give my side of the arguement against me. Star Quick edit to fix a typo