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  1. Have a look here and here ; both solutions do not work for me... If you decide to experiment, you must have a USB mouse and keyboard handy and do not forget to update mkext and clear up cashes. Let us know.
  2. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? If you followed this guide you should have a USB drive/key to boot from and do the fix that MoonDogg suggests...
  3. Have you tried to force reboot (I have sporadic KPs at startup too)?
  4. Mitch Malone try this (it worked for my 1000H with a ralink RT2860 WiFi card): 1. get the leo 10.5.7 combo update from Apple and extract the IOATAFamily.kext with Pacifist (it should be v 2.0.1); 2. copy this file to your /Extra/GeneralExtensions folder and run UpdateExtra (it was installed in your /Extra folder by the NetbookInstaller.app): this is mandatory as it will update the Extensions.mkext in your /Extra folder as well as the Extensions.mkext in /S/L (if you don't, any *.kext changes done at /E/GE won't be loaded by the kernel); 3. reboot (your boot time should be much shorter...) 4. go to the Ralink web site and download their PCI drivers for for the RT2860 (they are rated for 10.5), install and before you reboot run the Update Extra again (I'm not sure this is required, but it doesn't harm); 5. at reboot, you might be asked to configure a new Network interface and an application named WirelessUtilityCardbusPCI that scans for WiFi networks should be launched at login. Let us know.
  5. Thank you for the info. If I understand correctly, your /E extensions.mkext contains all the kests from /E/GE and /S/L/E (is that so?). I do not mean to criticize, but your method depends on the creation of the /E extensions.mkext bundle that you kindly provide us after each update/improvement, so every user's customization of the kests won't be applied/seen to/by the kernel until you build a new extensions.mkex (excuse me if I don't express myself with the correct technical wording, but I hope you get the concept). I run into this problem cose I replaced the IOATAfamily.kext from your /E folder with an older version to have my wireless card working under SL. Others might need to tweak /E/GE or /S/L/E kests after installation for whatever other reason. You might want to give a look at UpdateExtra. It's included with the NetbookInstaller.app, and it shouldn't be a problem to extract it from the pkg and include it with your installation support files.
  6. Many, many thanks to MoonDogg and jojitsu for their guides, patience end persistence. I have two questions MoonDogg might want to kindly answer: if I update/change kests in /E/GE and run the NetbookInstaller UpdateExtra, shouldn't /E extensions.mkext be updated acoording with kexts update/changes? Does UpdateExtra consider only the /E/GE folder content or (recursively) rather the whole content of /E? Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. Same issue here (1000H, BIOS 2102, Chameleon 2.0 RC3 custom dsdt.ami file), with sporadic clean shutdowns... My uninformed guess is that there is a miscommunication between the bootloader and the bios. I'd also guess that this shouldn't harm your system, as disk volumes get unmounted (but I do not know if this is good for the hardware)
  8. At some point (before adopting the strategy described in this tread) I had the same problem, but only after switching from an XP boot to a OSX boot… To the best of my understanding, if you have all the kexts indicated in this guide, the kernel should have all the modules to handle the trackpad and keyboard. The Netbookinstall.app should have installed a program named UpdateExtra in your /Extra folder: try run it and reboot.
  9. What happens if you restart from OSX to OSX?
  10. If you have a Relink rt2860, try to install the IOATAFamily.kest from the 10.5.7 combo update (get it wit pacifist) and the relink 10.5 drivers
  11. Over the W/E I had a bit more time to search, experiment and understand, and these are the more significant things I found out: 1. the Relink RT2860 wireless card works with ReLink 10.5 drivers in Snow Leo if you replace the IOATAfamily.kext in your (Netbookinstaller.app) /E/GE package with the one you find in the 10.5.7 combo update (v 2.0.1 I believe); 2. consequently, when after this change you update all the kexts stuff you describe above with the Netbookinstaller.app UpdateExtra program, boot time is much shorter; 3. if you add a specific DSDT.ami file to /E, hacked with DSDT SE as described in here, you can restore some few missing functionalities (e.g. power button to sleep, restart) Still, I do not manage halting the system to shutdown gracefully most of the times...
  12. First of all, thanks a bunch for your guide: I have used it to install SL on my 2GB 1000H with the vanilla 2102 BIOS and it worked like a charme! I spent a week on trying to install following other guides form this and other sites and I was about to give up... I'm a pure mac user and this installation took some learning: I'm not 100% sure I have an "informed" control over the whole process... For instance, I couldn't use the NetbookInstaller.app (both available versions crashed on my SL intel iMac before performing anything on the installation volume), so I had to install the bootloader from the command line, both on the 1000H drive and USB install disk. Nevertheless, after performing all the post-installation mods and repairs my 1000H is totally functional, excluding the wireless Ralink RT2660 card (let's hope for their drivers). Sleep, bluetooth, battery, sound brightness control and whatever else are fully functional. As a workaround for wireless I suggest the inexpensive D_LINK DWL G122 USB dongle (their 10.5 drivers work under SL). As xino1010, I have an issue with the shutdown process: I believe the system halts correctly but somehow dosn't pass the correct powerdown info to the BIOS, so the machine stays on. The odd thing is that this doesn't happen all the time (today I had a clean shutdown twice). A second issue is an anomalous behaviour of the tackpad after a reboot from XP: to restore it I have to reboot in SL. Other than that everything is running smoothly. Thanks!