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  1. SL 10.6.8

    This also happens to me. You also have a 15r? Where did you get it? Mine is from Dell NL.
  2. EDIT: Never mind guys! Turn out Dell send me the wrong laptop so I'm sending it back to them. As I have had nothing but problems with them I will not get a new one. Thanks anyway.
  3. Hey guys, so it finally arrived! I installed Snow Leopard on it, but only 1 USB port is functional which I need for the mouse. So I pretty much can't do anything. Any help, please?
  4. Does your Nvidia work? Or don't get anything on the screen at all?
  5. Thanks MaLd0n! Right now I'm only doing some research and finding things out as my laptop hasn't arrived yet, but the expected arrival is wednesday so I'll run the app then. Already downloaded it
  6. I'm getting a 15r as well, and it has the exact same specs except for the processor which is an Intel Core i3-2310M 2,10 GHz. Will I still be able to use this DSDT?
  7. Thanks! I hope to turn my Dell in a Hackintosh when it arrives.
  8. I've ordered it, hopefully all will be fine with the 3000HD usuable. Dell says it'll probably arrive Wednesday, I'll post my progress here.
  9. Thanks guymass. I showed the Dell representative your file, yet he keeps denying the HD3000 is included. However, as it comes with i3-2310M Processor it must have the HD3000 as well as it's integrated. Of course I trust more on your expertise than on theirs, and I kept pushing. Eventually someone at Dell confirmed that both will be availble to use, sadly not at Dell NL but Dell UK, but a promise is a promise. Will go for the Nvidia equipped one now, for use on Windows or when a kext becomes available. Thank you for your time!
  10. I'm at a loss here, does the 15r come with both the Intel HD3000 and the Nvidia?
  11. Will I have any success trying to get OS X on this 15R? http://tinyurl.com/dell15r2 It has the Intel Wi-Fi card, which won't work. But the other things should be fine, or not? I've been searching for days now, so I'm hoping you guys can help out.